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Paediatric History And Examination
What things are important to cons...,
What typical questions do you nee...,
What are some key aspects to ask ...
41  cards
Paediatric Emergencies - Fever, Anaphylaxis and Shock
How is fever defined and how is i...,
What questions are important to a...,
What investigations would you req...
48  cards
Paediatric Emergencies - Altered Consciousness, Epilepsy, Poisoning and Meningitis
What can cause altered consciousness,
What is important to ask about on...,
How are children with altered con...
49  cards
Paediatric Emergencies - Encephalitis, Sepsis, Collapse and Burns
What is encephalitis,
What are the main causes of encep...,
What is the main trio of symptoms...
39  cards
Paediatric Cardiology - Embryology and Acyanotic Heart Defects
What are the five embryological o...,
What does the truncus arteriosus ...,
What does the bulbis cordis form
62  cards
Paediatric Cardiology - Cyanotic Heart Defects
What are the four major defects i...,
Why do you get arterial desaturat...,
What determines the severity of c...
30  cards
Paediatric Cardiology - Murmurs and Blue Baby
What are most heart murmurs in ch...,
What features of a murmur should ...,
What are the main types of innoce...
44  cards
Paediatric Respiratory Medicine - Distress, cough, apnoea and CF
What are the signs of respiratory...,
What is grunting caused by,
What is the difference between a ...
51  cards
Paediatric Resp Medicine - Asthma
What is the basic pathophysiology...,
What does release of histamine ca...,
What is asthma
43  cards
Paediatric Respiratory Medicine - URTI and LRTI's
What is pneumonia,
What is more likely to cause pneu...,
What are the common causative org...
60  cards
Paediatric Respiratory Medicine - Inhaled FB, Obstruction, URTI, Whooping cough
What signs are associated with in...,
How would an effective cough be d...,
How was a child with an ineffecti...
51  cards
Paediatric GI - Presentations
How can vomiting episodes be desc...,
What commonly causes children to ...,
What commonly causes infants to v...
54  cards
Paediatric GI - GORD, Intussusception, Hirschsprung, Gastroenteritis and Pyloric Stenosis
What happens in intussusception,
What part of the bowel is most li...,
What does invagination of the bow...
50  cards
Paediatric GI - Malrotation, Hernias and Appendicitis
Where do the caecum and duodenoje...,
Where do the caecum and duodenoje...,
How does the mesentery run and ac...
55  cards
Paediatric GI - Colic and Dehydration
How do children with infantile co...,
How long often do children with i...,
By what age do most cases of infa...
23  cards
Paediatric Neurology - Non-epileptic paroxysmal events and febrile convulsions
What are some causes of non epile...,
What happens during an episode of...,
At what age do children get syncope
38  cards
Paediatric Neurology - Epilepsy
How common is epilepsy in children,
What causes epilepsy in children,
What is the difference between an...
35  cards
Paediatric Neurology - Head Injury, Migraines and Cerebral Palsy
How can primary head injuries be ...,
What are the causes for focal hea...,
What are the causes for diffuse h...
50  cards
Paediatric Infection and Immunity - Allergies, Conjunctivitis, Impetigo and Chickenpox
What is an allergy,
What is an allergen,
What is sensitisation
57  cards
Paediatric Infection and Immunity - Rashes and Infections
What rashes can viruses cause apa...,
What virus causes measles,
Describe the rash seen in measles
54  cards
Paediatric GU
What symptoms would children with...,
What symptoms would infants with ...,
How would you diagnose a uti
57  cards
Paediatric GU - HSP and Nephrotic syndrome
What is henoch schonlein purpura,
When does henoch schonlein purpur...,
How does henoch schonlein purpura...
20  cards
Paediatric Haematology
What is idiopathic thrombocytopae...,
What is the cause of idiopathic t...,
What is common in the history of ...
38  cards
Paediatric Orthopaedics
What is developmental dysplasia o...,
What are the types of development...,
Detail the epidemiology of develo...
65  cards
Paediatric Genetics
How do children normally get the ...,
What screening tests should a bab...,
What is the average life expectan...
43  cards
Paediatric Endocrine
How is hyperglycaemia in a child ...,
What insulin regimes can be offer...,
How often should diabetic childre...
31  cards
Before what week are babies class...,
What acute problems can premature...,
Why can premature babies get hypo...
84  cards
Growth and Development
What is a normal birth weight,
What is a normal weight at 1yr,
When is the first micturition nor...
59  cards
What are the categories of abuse ...,
What are the main risk factors fo...,
What is the toxic trio associated...
10  cards
Immunisation schedule
What diseases are protected again...,
What diseases are protected again...,
What diseases are protected again...
7  cards

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