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SECOPS 1: Defining the SOC
Three soc types,
Threat centric soc,
Before an attack
24  cards
SECOPS 2: NSM Tools and Data
Session data,
Full packet capture format,
Full content data
11  cards
Security Onion
1  cards
SECOPS 3: Incident Analysis in a Threat Centric SOC
Kill chain steps,
What is a kill chain,
20  cards
SECOPS 4: Hunting Cyber Threats
41  cards
SECOPS 5: Event correlation and normalization
Event data type for dhcp,
Event data type for dns,
Event data type for aaa
23  cards
SECOPS 6: Common Attack Vectors
Goal of obfuscating javascript code,
32  cards
SECOPS 7: Identifying Malicious Activity
Deterministic assessment method,
Probabilistic assessment method,
Syslog tag field
8  cards
A c,
14  cards
When did events occur,
Where did the infection come from
8  cards
SECOPS 10: SOC Playbook (Not needed for the exam)
Security analytics is accomplishe...,
Bgp black holing,
Iam security device has an unexpe...
13  cards
SECOPS 11: SOC Metrics
Siem functions,
Ttd defined
7  cards
SECOPS 12: SOC WMS and Automation
Tool to orchestrate automate ir p...,
Wms aka
18  cards
SECOPS 13: Incident Response Plan
Ir plan questions 4,
Ir lifecycle 7,
Preparation phase
20  cards
Appendix A: CSIRT
Coordination centers,
Analysis centers,
Vendor teams
13  cards
Appendix B: VERIS
Veris 4 as,
Veris incident tracking
8  cards
Integrity protection encompasses,
Dread stride
36  cards
NIST 800-61r2
Which phase do you use search eng...,
Identifying attacking host,
Perform event correlation
9  cards
Cvss attack vector,
Cvss attack complexity,
Cvss privileges required
60  cards

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