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Lecture 1 Introduction to Personalised Medicine
What is meant by mutlimorbitidy,
What is meant by the term pharmac...,
Give examples of the benefits of ...
26  cards
Lecture 2 Physiology of the Heart I
How do cardiovascular drugs inter...,
What happens during phase 0 of th...,
What happens during phase 1 of th...
91  cards
Lecture 3 Physiology of the Heart II
What percentage of their volume d...,
What are the two methods of incre...,
What is the equation for cardiac ...
48  cards
Lecture 4 Physiology of the Heart III
The main coronary arteries are th...,
Describe how coronary arteries pr...,
What is unusual about the perfusi...
45  cards
Lecture 5 LV Dysfunction and Heart Failure I
What is the nice definition of he...,
What is the esc definition of hea...,
How many patients per year in the...
54  cards
Lecture 6 LV Dysfunction and Heart Failure II
What is significant about the tar...,
The compensatory mechanism trigge...,
Why is the compensatory mechanism...
45  cards
Lecture 7 Physiology of the Vasculature I
What are the different types of b...,
Outline the structure of the vasc...,
Below is a histological staining ...
44  cards
Lecture 8 Physiology of the Vasculature II
How does atherosclerosis impact t...,
What can happen specifically to t...,
What happens as a result of calci...
56  cards
Lecture 9 Hypertension I
Why does hypertension often co ex...,
Complete this phase hypertension ...,
Give examples of conditions which...
43  cards
Lecture 10 Hypertension II
What is the main therapeutic stra...,
What is the first line choice of ...,
Which ca2 channels are targeted i...
45  cards
Lecture 11 Ischaemic Heart Disease I
What is meant by ischaemic heart ...,
What is the significance of ihd a...,
What is the ultimate cause of dea...
41  cards
Lecture 12 Ischaemic Heart Disease II
What are the main aims of angina ...,
What are the two types of approac...,
Give some examples of symptomatic...
54  cards
Lecture 13 Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
How does systolic pressure in the...,
Why is the pressure in the pulmon...,
What is the clinical definition o...
71  cards
Lecture 14 Haemostasis and Thrombostasis
What are the sub classifications ...,
What are the sub classifications ...,
What three fractions are isolated...
85  cards
Lecture 15 Atherosclerosis I
Atherosclerosis is a chronic infl...,
What is the significance of ather...,
What was atherosclerosis initiall...
38  cards
Lecture 16 Atherosclerosis II
How are lipids transported in the...,
Outline the general structure of ...,
How are lipoproteins classified
89  cards
Lecture 17 Platelet Pharmacology
What is the main target of platel...,
What is the problem with targetin...,
Describe the shape and structure ...
70  cards

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