ceh - certified ethical hacker

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Hackers need 3 things to carry ou...,
Types of hackers,
Pen testing
27  cards
Chapter 0 Random Terms
Security engineering,
Information systems
17  cards
Chapter 2 System Fundamentals
Network topologies physical layou...,
Bus topology,
44  cards
Well-Known Ports
Port range,
Ftp tcp
25  cards
Registered Ports
Registered ports,
Registered port range,
8  cards
Chapter 3 Cryptography
Old techniques,
Cryptography focuses on
29  cards
Chapter 4 Footprinting & Reconnaissance
Phase 1 of the ethical hacking pr...,
Phase 2,
Phase 3
20  cards
Important Tools by steps
Phase 1 footprinting,
Phase 2 scanning,
Phase 3 enumeration
20  cards
Chapter 5 Scanning Networks
Phase 2 network scanning,
Generally found in scanning phase is,
Types of scans
29  cards
Chapter 6 Enumeration
Phase 3 enumeration,
Enumeration techniques,
1 extracting info from email ids
48  cards
Chapter 7: System Hacking
Phase 4 system hacking,
Password cracking,
Password cracking techniques 5
28  cards
CEH Assessment from CEH
Hacker is a person who illegally ...,
In order to compromise or to hack...,
Defense in depth is a security st...
50  cards
Chapter 8: Trojans, Viruses, Worms, & Covert Channels
Covert channels,
Malware the law 3
21  cards
Chapter 9: Sniffers
Sniffers not a hacking tool,
For effective sniffing switch int...,
Active vs passive sniffing
34  cards
Chapter 10 Social Engineering
Social engineering,
Behaviors or signs useful in extr...,
Why does social engineering work 5
15  cards
Chapter 11: DoS
Dos goal,
Denial of service,
What is the most common form of dos
23  cards
Chapter 12: Session Hijacking
Session hijacking,
Session and session id,
Categorizing session hijacking 3
22  cards
Chapter 13: Web Servers & Web Apps
Web application,
Server administrators,
Nw administrators
26  cards
Chapter 14: SQL Injection
Sql injection,
Batch execution
24  cards
Chapter 15: Wireless Networking
Cons to wifi,
Characteristics of wifi,
Techniques to managing a connection
35  cards
Chapter 16 Evading IDSs, Firewalls, and Honepots
Nids vs packet sniffer,
Four types of ids each of these p...
27  cards
Chapter 17: Physical Security
Physical security is often overlo...,
Second physical security issue theft,
Techniques to stop dumpster divin...
13  cards

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