certified ethical hacker v11

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Decks in this class (22)

Introduction to Ethical Hacking
What is eavesdropping,
What is session hijacking,
What is spoofing
37  cards
Footprinting and Reconnaissance
What is sherlock software,
What is beroot software,
What is oputils software
20  cards
Scanning Networks
What is the purpose of the tcp sy...,
What is the purpose of the tcp ac...,
What is the purpose of the tcp fi...
34  cards
What port does bgp use,
What port does netbios use for ac...,
What port does ipsec ike use
40  cards
Vulnerability Assessment
What does the remediation stage o...,
What does the verification stage ...,
What does the risk assessment sta...
28  cards
System Hacking
What is path interception,
What are kernel exploits,
What is a web shell
15  cards
Malware Threats
What does the payload component o...,
What does the obfuscator componen...,
What does the dropper component o...
58  cards
In which of the following osi lay...,
Out of the following which layer ...,
An attacker wants to monitor a ta...
30  cards
Social Engineering
What is authority,
What is scarcity,
What is intimidation
16  cards
What are the three categories of ...,
What is a volumetric attack,
What is a protocol attack
22  cards
Session Hijacking
What is blind hijacking,
What is yersinia,
What is derpnspoof
9  cards
Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
What is signature recognition,
What is protocol anomaly detection,
What is anomaly detection
40  cards
Hacking Web Servers
What is web server misconfiguration,
What is a web cache poisoning attack,
What is a server side request for...
17  cards
Hacking Web Applications
What are the 7 layers of the web ...,
Which of the following components...,
In web application security what ...
20  cards
SQL Injection
Which of the following system tab...,
Which of the following is the mos...,
Identify the reason why web appli...
20  cards
Hacking Wireless Networks
Which of the following technologi...,
Which of the following wireless s...,
Which modulations do 80211a and 8...
54  cards
Hacking Mobile Platforms
Which of the following is not an ...,
On android which of the following...,
Which of the following is an andr...
20  cards
IoT and OT Hacking
In iot what is the internet layer,
In iot what is the access gateway...,
In iot what is the middleware layer
33  cards
Cloud Computing
What is paas,
What is iaas,
Which of the following cloud brok...
44  cards
Which of the following objectives...,
Which of the following objectives...,
Which of the following describes ...
39  cards
Exam Questions - Misc
What is a multipartite virus,
What is a sparse infector virus,
What is the google dork that help...
46  cards
Exam Questions - Misc 2
Which of the following is conside...,
Which of the following encryption...,
Which of the following communicat...
35  cards

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