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Topic 2 - Types of Borrower
Private personal borrowers seek m...,
Buy to let btl borrowers mortgage...,
A consumer buy to let cbtl
20  cards
Topic 3 - Mortgage Regulation
Regulations for regulated mortgag...,
The mortgage credit directive mcd,
What is a mortgage entered into a...
6  cards
Topic 4 - Principles of Mortgage and Property Law
Cuius est solum eius est usque ad...
11  cards
Topic 5 - Practical Aspects of Property and Mortgage Law
What is the land registration act...,
Property register,
Proprietorship register
19  cards
Topic 6 - Buying a Property: An Overview
Bound by terms,
Caveat emptor,
Uberrima fides
15  cards
Topic 7 - The Legal Aspects of Property Purchase
A licensed conveyancer,
Solicitors carry which insurance ...,
What searches are carried out by ...
8  cards
Topic 8 - Regulation and the Buying Process
Non real time financial promotion,
When are unsolicited calls allowed,
Rules for real time promotions
13  cards
Topic 10 - Assessing the Applicant's Financial Status
What types of income are taken in...,
Suitable documents for evidencing...,
How is income from self employmen...
11  cards
Topic 11 - Checking the Applicant's Credit Status
Which information is not revealed...,
A credit record shows records of ...,
What issues can render a guarante...
10  cards
Topic 12 - Suitability
Record keeping interest only mort...,
For interest only mortgages the l...
2  cards
Topic 13 - Assessing the Property
The value of freehold property co...,
Freehold flats are seen as proble...,
Issues that could affect the valu...
6  cards
Topic 14 - Valuations and Surveys
Basic valuation,
A claim for negligence in a valua...
9  cards
Topic 15 - Other Factors that Affect the Lending Decision
Work that requires planning consent,
Building work subject to regulation,
What are main environmental facto...
12  cards
Topic 16: Mortgage Repayment Methods
Main advantages of a repayment mo...,
In an interest only mortgage the ...,
Unacceptable repayment methods fo...
7  cards
Topic 17 - Using Endowment Policies for Mortgage Repayment
Endowment plans are composed of t...,
Where are premiums invested in a ...,
The with profits fund is assessed...
23  cards
Topic 18 - Other Repayment Vehicles for Interest-Only Mortgages
Characteristics of an isa mortgage,
What is the overall isa limit,
Stocks and shares isas are availa...
12  cards
Topic 19 - Interest-Rate Options
Standard variable rate mortgage,
Discount rate mortgage,
Tracker mortgage
11  cards
Topic 20 - Other Mortgage Products
Foreign currency mortgage,
Sub prime mortgage,
Guarantor mortgage
7  cards
Topic 21 - Schemes for Specific Groups of Borrower
What is the maximum initial share...,
On purchase of a shared ownership...
9  cards
Topic 22 - Mortgage-Related Insurance Products
Convertible term insurance,
Critical illness cover,
Mortgage payment protection insur...
8  cards
Topic 23 - Raising Additional Funds from Property
A further advance is,
Mcob rules require lenders to inf...,
The ltv with a further advance
36  cards
Topic 24 - Transferring Mortgages
What issues doe a borrower need t...,
What are reasons for switching to...,
With a remortgage with a new lend...
19  cards
Topic 25 - Arrears and Debt Management
What are the two overarching prin...,
Where a borrower has a payment sh...,
If the borrowers bank has refused...
34  cards
Topic 26 - Lenders' Legal Rights and Remedies
The most commonly used legal reme...,
Even after the date of possession...,
The borrower can settle the full ...
10  cards

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