cemap1 unit 1 and 2

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Decks in this class (25)

1. Introduction to financial services
4x elements of intermediation
17  cards
2. Economic Policy and financial regulation
19  cards
3. UK Taxation 1
Tax residence,
Capital gains tax
13  cards
4. UK Taxation 2
Capital gains calculations,
Private residence relief,
Entrepreneurs relief
12  cards
5. State Benefits and HMRC tax credits
X5 universal credit replacing,
Working tax credit,
Income support
16  cards
6. Direct Investments: Cash and fixed - interest securities
X4 main asset classes,
Why do people choose deposit base...
21  cards
7. Other direct investments
19  cards
8. Collective investments
4x main collective investments,
Collecting investments,
Unit trusts
27  cards
9. Tax Wrappers
3x types of isa,
Help to buy isa,
Lifetime isa
6  cards
10. Pension Products
Lifetime allowance,
Money purchase annual allowance mpaa,
Defined benefit scheme
9  cards
11. Life Assurance
Term assurance,
Sum assured,
Life assured
29  cards
12. Health and general insurance
Critical illness,
Income protection insurance,
X6 factors effect premiums
13  cards
13. Secured and Unsecured lending
Pension mortgages
11  cards
14. Understanding and satisfying customer needs
Five areas of financial need,
Proactive servicing,
Reactive servicing
3  cards
15. The Main Advice Areas
Protection businesses need,
Automatic accrual method,
Buy and sell method
5  cards
16. Key legal concepts
Legal person,
Binding contract,
Caveat emptor
37  cards
17. FCA's aims and activities
Financial policy committee,
Conduct regulation,
Prudential regulation
8  cards
18. regulating firms and individuals
Senior managers and certification...,
Sm cr frameweork,
Certification regime
7  cards
19. Prudential Supervision
Capital adequacy,
Solvency ratio
16  cards
20. Conduct of Business requirements
Restricted advice,
Execution only business
11  cards
21. Conduct of business requirements 11
Mortgage conduct of business mcob,
Committed expenditure,
Basic essential expenditure
10  cards
22. Consumer Credit
Consumer credit act,
8x main provisions,
Consumer credit directive
7  cards
23. Anti Money Laundering
Money laundering offences,
Identification procedures to be c...,
Joint money laundering steering g...
5  cards
24. Other regulations affecting the advice process
Data protection principles,
Gdpr requirements,
Ico enforces powers
10  cards
25. Consumer rights, complaints and compensation
Complaints procedure,
Time barred complaint,
Compensation limits
3  cards

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cemap1 unit 1 and 2

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