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Diagnostic Exam and Book 1
How does the federal reserve cont...,
Calculate next year dividend d1,
Forecasted total return
635  cards
Tax - Bryant Course
What are the two goals of tax law,
What number title is the internal...,
What are the references beyond ti...
96  cards
Invesetments - Bryant
Investment company act of 1940 wh...,
Securities act of 1933,
Securities exchange act of 1934
53  cards
4 - Characteristics of the Opportunity Set Under Risk
Frequency distributions,
Expected return skew,
Arithmtic mean
37  cards
Normal distribution curve,
The standard deviation
2  cards
Charitable - Pub 526
What is a charitable organization,
Contribution from which ex 1 you ...,
Contributions from which you bene...
51  cards
Practice Quiz 1 (REVIEW MORE)
Justin age 55 earns 50 000 annual...,
Assume a taxpayer is in the 35 ma...,
William sanders age 38 earns 250 ...
26  cards
2  cards
Book 3 Pages 52-100
Uncertainty of an investments rea...,
Risk measured by standard deviation,
True or false total risk includes...
158  cards
Book 3 Pages 101 - End
An index in which the value of th...,
True or false a price weighted in...,
True or false an equal but opposi...
256  cards
Book 3 Pages 1-51
What are the different maturities...,
What is the minimum purchase amou...,
Do t bills have default risk
307  cards
Practice Quiz 4
Given the following data for daph...,
All of the following statements a...,
A local businessperson approaches...
25  cards
Practice Quiz 3
Rick sells his ski resort condomi...,
Which of the following statements...,
Place the phases of a typical bus...
25  cards
Book 4 page 1-60
This doctrine stipulates that a t...,
Prohibits an individual to form a...,
This doctrine allows the irs to l...
174  cards
Book 4 Pages 61-120
True or false self employed indiv...,
True or false regular employees c...,
What is the simplified method opt...
182  cards
Book 4 Pages 121-200
Personal use assets and most inve...,
True or false losses from persona...,
True or false losses from investm...
297  cards
Book 6 Pages 1 - 61
The process of accumulation manag...,
Emotional issues such as ____ and...,
What are the costs associated wit...
209  cards
Economic Concepts
Law of demand,
20  cards
Principles of Risk and Insurance
27  cards
Measures of Investment Return
Geometric average return,
Time weighted return,
Dollar weighted return
11  cards
Investment Theory
Modern portfolio theory,
Capital market line cml,
Mean variance optimization
22  cards
Quantitative Investment Concepts
Normal probability distribution,
Lognormal probability distribution,
18  cards
Standards of Professional Conduct
Cfp board,
Candidate for cfp certification,
65  cards
General Principles
Principles of the cfp board code ...,
Practice standard 100,
Practice standard 200 1
45  cards
What is risk,
What is peril,
What is a hazard
49  cards
Unsystematic risk,
Systematic risk,
Types of systematic risk
43  cards
Income Tax
Subchapter s corporation eligibility,
Tax basis partnership llc,
Property classes
35  cards
Basic concepts of social security,
Social security reduction of bene...,
Social security taxation
41  cards
Non community property interest,
Joint tenancy with rights of surv...,
Tenancy by the entirety
30  cards
General Principles COPY
Principles of the cfp board code ...,
Practice standard 100,
Practice standard 200 1
45  cards

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