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Electrical Systems
Where is the elec power panel loc...,
How are the main ac generators co...,
The gcus protect the ac system fr...
26  cards
Engines And Related Systems
Spell out the below engine system...,
Identify the 4 major sections of ...,
Identify the three engine mounted...
52  cards
Which transmissions do not have a...,
How can you identify low oil pres...,
What indications will the crew ha...
42  cards
Engine oil pressure limits,
Max engine oil temperature at wha...,
Eng xmsn oil temperature limits c...
73  cards
Phase 1 DQ’s
What are the definitions of warni...,
Where does the apu get its fuel,
Where is the apu desu and what do...
43  cards
From the iff page what does diver...,
Which iff advisory alerts the cre...,
Which iff advisory alerts the cre...
22  cards
NAV Systems
Where is the arn 153 tacan r t lo...,
How many antennas are associated ...,
How many channels does the arn 15...
34  cards
Where is the esis sfd adc located,
What causes the vmo bar to be dis...,
Under what circumstances is there...
26  cards
Where is the antenna for the stor...,
What symbol is displayed for ligh...,
Does the stormscope continue to d...
12  cards
Fuel System
What happens when all the fuel in...,
What keeps fuel loss and post cra...,
What is installed in each tank to...
24  cards
The same ppc data will suffice fo...,
What is the maximum power authori...,
On the tq available charts in the...
35  cards
Landing Gear
When should the pwr steer sw be p...,
What provides a source of pressur...,
What procedure should you use to ...
16  cards
Define dafcs,
How do you momentarily disengage ...,
When flying in known or forecast ...
68  cards
Rotor Systems
Which component in the rotor syst...,
What component of the centrifugal...,
What does a rotor blade drooping ...
17  cards
Flight Controls And Hydraulics
Define dash,
Define ilca,
Define ccda
30  cards
Utility Hydraulics
What is the purpose of the utilit...,
What are the sub systems that are...,
What are the 17 major components ...
16  cards
What action should you take the u...,
What are the three accessories of...,
What does the apu rdy light indicate
20  cards
What position must the guard norm...,
Secure voice communications for t...,
What are the guard frequencies fm...
58  cards
What are the 5 major structures o...,
What is the purpose of cones in t...,
What is the purpose of rods in th...
22  cards
Flight Plans
How many altn flight plans can be...,
How many alternate flight plans c...,
What does rnav and rnp stand for
34  cards
You have been asked to take parac...,
At what altitude must all occupan...,
What are the vfr and ifr reserve ...
69  cards
Operator and crewmember checklist...,
An entry will be made on what for...,
What are the different flight con...
33  cards
Warning all ground handling perso...,
Warning when smoke suspected carb...,
A listing of tsa tactical situati...
54  cards
When flying the aircraft the pilo...,
What are the immediate actions wh...,
What are the immediate actions as...
18  cards
AR 40-8
What medical form is required for...,
Where can a list of self medicati...,
How long are air crewmembers rest...
12  cards
ATP 3-04.1
0  cards
TC 3-04.11
Air crewmembers must undergo refr...,
Air crewmembers must complete ann...,
Who serves as the overall mission...
15  cards
TC 3-04.93
What physiologic factor contribut...,
What four subjects are the minimu...,
In order from closest to furthest...
34  cards
TC 3-04.4
Blade coning is the sum result of...,
Why is more power generally requi...,
Why is less power required for an...
44  cards
Aviation Handbook
Describe the break off pattern wh...
1  cards
In the event of lost comms while ...,
In the event of lost comms while ...
2  cards
An airspeed deviation of ________...
1  cards
Instruments Phase
What are the standards for task 1...,
Aviators should file ifr flight p...,
A flight weather briefing is vali...
10  cards
0  cards
TC 3-04.5
Dynamic pressure is the differenc...,
What dod document requires a magn...,
_______ ________ ___________ is t...
32  cards
Aircraft Survivability Equipment
What does cmws stand for,
What does icmd stand for,
What does atircm stand for
10  cards
What are three techniques to brea...,
What form at the unit describes w...,
What form annotates significant e...
11  cards
Who has overall responsibility fo...,
Task 1004 plan a vfr flightfor cr...,
Prior to every mission calculate ...
31  cards
Do not fire the m240h unless the ...
1  cards
AR 600-105/106
0  cards
Day Tactics
What does mett tc stand for,
How far apart should acps be placed,
How far from lzs pzs should rps a...
13  cards
During normal operation the b u p...
1  cards
Night NVG Tactics
Describe osap,
How long does it take to reach op...,
What self imposed stressor impair...
10  cards
Aircraft Dimensions
Rotor dimension while turning,
Length of rotor system,
Airframe length
13  cards
Environmental Systems
Caution cycling the heater blower...,
Where should the air control knob...,
Time limit for pitot heat while o...
20  cards
Flight Plan Management
With an active fpln displayed on ...,
On the flpn summary page bezel ke...,
Which flight plan page s is are u...
10  cards
Digital Maps
List 2 things that are stored on ...,
The embedded digital map generato...,
What core caas component stores d...
36  cards
Flight Director
The active flight director partit...,
Where is the fd cplr rel switch l...,
Where is the go around switch loc...
21  cards

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