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Decks in this class (8)

CL350 QRC Immediate Action Items (NEED TO KNOW) Rev1122
Learn required immediate action items
11  cards
CL350 AOM Limitations (NEED TO KNOW) Rev1122
Learn required AOM Chapter 9 Limitations
25  cards
CL350 Systems Test (Initial and Recurent Oral)
First weeks most specific items
106  cards
CL350 AOM Chapter Structure Rev0123
Learn the order and titles of each chapter of the AOM. I use some pretty ridiculous memory aids...hope they help.
15  cards
CL350 QRC Review Rev722
Memorize QRC Checklist names for easier recall during emergency.
5  cards
CL350 AFM Limitations (NICE TO KNOW)
Learn aircraft limitaions
62  cards
CL350 Systems (NICE TO KNOW)
Learn operationally relevant systems information
54  cards
CL350 Flows and SOPs **NOT CURRENT
Learn required flows and callouts
52  cards

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Challenger 350 Flashcards rev0123

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Muliple decks for QS CL350 training. Practice immediate action items, limitations, systems tests, QRC structure... and I also use some ridiculous aids to remember AOM structure! Please email me if you find errors!!! -GC

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