changing places

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Introduction To Changing Places
What are the 3 different aspects ...,
What is meant by location,
What is locale
13  cards
Concept Of Place
True or false the concept of plac...,
What 3 aspects can be used to exp...,
Define perception of place
34  cards
Approaches To Place
What are the 3 different approach...,
What is the descriptive approach ...,
What does the social constructive...
11  cards
Insider And Outsider Perspectives
Why are people that live within a...,
What term can be applied to the o...,
What are insiders said to have de...
18  cards
Categories Of Place
What are the four categories of p...,
What are the two key meanings tha...,
True or false near places automat...
36  cards
Endogenous And Exogenous Factors
What is meet by exogenous factors,
What exogenous factors shape the ...,
What are endogenous factors
27  cards
Character Of Place
What is globalisation,
How does globalisation impact the...,
What do some people argue about g...
13  cards
Relationships And Connections
What changes over time,
How should places been understood as,
Give two examples of places that ...
25  cards
Meaning And Representation
What is meant by meaning,
What is representation,
What two things change overtime
62  cards
Representations Of Place
How many ways can place be repres...,
What are the two types of source,
Give an example of a formal source
63  cards
Representation Of London
Give an example of a website that...,
How does visitlondoncom present l...,
Why does visitlondoncom present l...
41  cards
Brick Lane and Spitalfields
Where is brick lane,
What community is brick lane the ...,
Where does brick lane run from
91  cards
How many males live in otley,
How many females live in otley,
How many people over the age of 6...
51  cards

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changing places

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