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Ch 12 Pancreas
Body of the pancreas,
Caudal pancreatic artery,
C loop of the duodenum
79  cards
Ch 9 Vascular
Vasa vasorum,
Tunica media,
Tunica adventitia
92  cards
Ch10 Liver
Bare area,
Caudate lobe,
95  cards
Ch 11 Gallbladder and the Biliary System
Ampulla of vater,
75  cards
Test 10 liver
1 the liver is suspended from the...,
Fatty infiltration may be observe...,
Sonographic findings of acute hep...
30  cards
Test ch 11 Gallbladder and Biliary System
1 in cases of choledocholithiasis...,
The right and left hepatic ducts ...,
The diameter of the common hepati...
30  cards
Ch 9Vacsular
The portal veins carry blood from...,
The arterial supply to the gallbl...,
The portal venous system receives...
25  cards
12 Pancreas test
1 the majority of the pancreas li...,
2 the pancreas is found behind th...,
Which one of the following statem...
30  cards
Ch10(Liver) Ch11(Gallbladder) Ch12 (Pancreas)
Hereditary disease that causes ex...,
Fluid accumulation causes by a ru...,
Enlargement of the gallbladder ca...
78  cards
Ch 14 test urinary system
A congenital obstruction found in...,
Parapelvic cysts are located in t...,
The most common solid renal mass ...
49  cards
Ch 14 Urinary
Carries blood into the glomerulus...,
Site of filtration in the kidney ...,
Outer parenchyma of the kidney th...
117  cards
Ch 15 Spleen test
Which one of the following statem...,
Lymph nodes emerge from the splen...,
Splenomegaly may result from all ...
25  cards
Ch 15 spleen
Results from the failure of fusio...,
One of the ligaments between the ...,
With in the peritoneal cavity
55  cards
Ch 16 retroperitoneum
Hormone secreted by the pituitary...,
Outer parenchyma of the adrenal g...,
Portion of the pelvic cavity that...
33  cards
CH17 Peritoneal cavity and abdomial Wall
0  cards
Ch 16 retroeritonem quiz
The retroperitoneal space is the ...,
The adrenal glands and kidneys ar...,
All of the following structures a...
25  cards

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