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Chapter 1: Orientation to Ultrasound Scanning
A region of an ultrasound image f...,
A vertical plane that divides the...,
A region of an ultrasound image h...
135  cards
Chapter 2: Ultrasound Principles
Echoes on the image that were not...,
Ultrasound has the ability to cau...,
Principle of constantly transmitt...
216  cards
Chapter 3: Ergonomics: Avoiding Work-Related Injury
When body parts are positioned aw...,
Sustained contact between a body ...,
The period of time that a body pa...
87  cards
Chapter 4: Vascular Anatomy
A small artery with a muscular wa...,
A blood vessel that carries blood...,
A small blood vessel with only en...
183  cards
Chapter 5: Arterial Physiology
The tendency of a body at rest to...,
The energy of work or motion in t...,
Flow of a liquid in which it trav...
140  cards
Vascular Review Ch. 1-5
Which of the following describes ...,
Which of the following is not a s...,
The horizontal view is another na...
89  cards
Chapter 7: The Extracranial Duplex Ultrasound Examination
An abnormal blowing or swishing s...,
A slight dilation involving varia...,
Most commonly defined as the angl...
169  cards
Chapter 8: Uncommon Pathology of the Carotid System
A localized dilatation of the wal...,
Inflammation in the wall of an ar...,
A benign mass at the carotid bifu...
171  cards
Chapter 9: Carotid Intervention
A surgical incision through the w...,
A catheter based procedure in whi...,
A surgical procedure during which...
102  cards
Chapter 10: Intracranial Cerebrovascular Examination
Cessation of oxygenated blood cir...,
Endovascular mechanical thrombect...,
A change in cerebral blood flow i...
190  cards
Vascular review chapters 7-10
When evaluating an endarterectomy...,
Which of the following is a major...,
During duplex evaluation of a pat...
30  cards
Chapter 11: Indirect Assessment of Arterial Disease
A series of maneuvers testing the...,
The ratio of ankle systolic press...,
Pain in muscle groups brought on ...
226  cards
Chapter 12: Duplex Ultrasound of Lower Extremity Arteries
A localized dilation of an artery...,
A radiologic imaging technique pe...,
Ultrasound imaging of the arteria...
109  cards
Chapter 13: Duplex Ultrasound of Upper Extremity Arteries
A vasospastic disorder of the dig...,
A form of large vessel vasculitis...,
The superior opening of the thora...
147  cards
Chapter 14: Ultrasound Assessment of Arterial Bypass Grafts
A surgically created joining of t...,
A connection between an artery an...,
A channel that diverts blood flow...
157  cards
Carotid Proficiency
Patient prep,
Proper transducer,
12  cards
Chapter 11-14 Review Questions
Why does duplex ultrasound have a...,
When assessing the appearance of ...,
What are the advantages of synthe...
30  cards
Chapter 17: Duplex Ultrasound Imaging of the Lower Extremity Venous System
Newly formed clotted blood within...,
Residual material present within ...,
A vein that is the companion vess...
130  cards
Module 4 Review Questions
What is the most appropriate tran...,
During an upper extremity venous ...,
What is the primary method used t...
21  cards
Chapter 18: Duplex Ultrasound Imaging of the Upper Extremity Venous System
Newly formed clotted blood within...,
Residual material present within ...,
A vein that is the companion vess...
90  cards
Chapter 19: ultrasound evaluation and mapping of the superficial system
A superficial vein forming at the...,
A vein that connects the superfic...,
A vein that was previously thromb...
76  cards
Chapter 20: Venous valvular insufficiency testing
Superficial vein at the anterior ...,
Clinical etiologic anatomic patho...,
Chronic venous insufficiency invo...
162  cards
Chapter 21: Sonography in the Venous Treatment Room
A long lasting valvular or obstru...,
Destruction of the vein by variou...,
Anesthesia that placed around the...
67  cards
Chapter 22 The Role of Ultrasound in Central Access Device Placement
Inadvertent release of air or gas...,
Preexisting veins that enlarge to...,
An abnormal connection or passage...
99  cards
Chapter 23: Aortic and Iliac Arteries
Dilation of blood vessel to 15 ti...,
Dilation that involves all three ...,
Dilation that involves less than ...
120  cards
Chapter 24: The Mesenteric Arteries
Relating to additional blood vess...,
Occurring after a meal,
Relating to or affecting the viscera
99  cards
Chapter 25: The Renal Vasculature
The slop of the systolic upstroke...,
The time interval between the ons...,
A doppler spectral waveform recor...
151  cards
Chapter 26: The Inferior Vena Cava and Iliac Veins
The union of two or more veins to...,
A typically cone shaped medical d...,
A detached fragment of thrombus u...
89  cards
Chapter 27: The Hepatoportal System
An abnormal connection between th...,
An abnormal connection between th...,
An abnormal accumulation of fluid...
183  cards
Chapter 29: Intraoperative Duplex Ultrasound
Self produced or from the same or...,
Removal of plaque intima and part...,
Below the inguinal level in the c...
89  cards
Chapter 30: Hemodialysis Access Grafts and Fistulae
The location where the artery and...,
A balloon like dilation of the bl...,
A deliberate connection between a...
118  cards
Chapter 32: Vascular Applications of Ultrasound Contrast Agents
The use of medical ultrasound ima...,
Encapsulated gas containing struc...,
Compositions that after administr...
64  cards
Chapter 34: Quality Assurance
The overall percentage of correct...,
A well established and reliable t...,
The evaluation of one s work by o...
67  cards

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