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What are aliphatic,
What are aromatic,
What is crude oil
43  cards
What is the maxwell boltzmann dis...,
What does the graph show,
What happens when you increase te...
32  cards
What type of bonds to alkenes have,
What is the formula,
Are they saturated or unsaturated
53  cards
What is a primary halogenoalkane,
What is a secondary halogenoalkane,
What is a nucleophile
27  cards
Alcohols are a family of,
General formula,
What does the complete combustion...
43  cards
What is ionic bonding,
Cations and anions,
What are ionic compounds
42  cards
Dynamic equilibrium,
What does le chatelier s principl...,
What happens if there is an incre...
15  cards
Formulae and Equations
What is the molecular formula,
How to work out molecular formula
31  cards
Core practicals
How can you work out the volume o...,
Assumptions made from volume of g...,
Halagenoalkane can be hyd
10  cards
What are the standard conditions,
What is the definition of h r,
What is definition of h c
21  cards
Energetics II
What is lattice energy,
What is the definition for standa...,
What two things affect lattice en...
37  cards
Group 1 and 2
Chemical trends in group 2 metals,
Are group 2 metals reducing agent...,
What is first ionisation energy
47  cards
Acid base equilibria
What is ph defined as in formula,
How can you calculate concentrati...,
What is a strong acid
36  cards
Group 7
Colour off2cl2br2i2,
Volatility down group 7,
Are halogens metals or non metals
21  cards
random knowledge
Difference between sodium sulphat...,
Sodium sulphide and sodium sulphi...,
Test for sulphate
7  cards
Kinetics (II) - Topic 16
What is zero order,
What is first order,
What is second order
31  cards
Redox II
Why do electrochemical cells use ...,
What is the flow of charged parti...,
An electrical current that flows ...
27  cards
Energetics II
What is lattice energy of formation,
What is lattice enegr,
What does large negative value of...
31  cards
Equilibrium II
1  cards
Atomic structure
Relative mass of electron,
Why do iso,
What is ionisation energy
22  cards
Mass spec
What is acceleration,
What is deflection
6  cards
Carbonyl Chemistry
Why are aldehydes and ketones als...,
Difference between aldehyde and k...,
Formula for aldehyde
28  cards
carboxylic acid
What does carboxylic acids contain,
Formula for carboxylic acid,
How many polarised groups are in ...
41  cards
principle of transition metals
What is a transition metal,
What are general properties of tr...,
What does variable oxidisation st...
60  cards
Modern Analytical Techniques II
Why is tms used,
2  cards
Aromatic chemistry
Structure of benzene,
Bonding in benzene,
What allows electrons to be deloc...
36  cards
Reaction of transition metals
Colour of vanadium ii,
Colour of vanadium iii,
Colour of oxovanadium iv
44  cards
Analytical Techniques
What happens to the molecules in ...,
What type of fragment ions will b...,
What does the base peak correspon...
16  cards
Redox I
What is oxidation number,
Oxidation number ofgroup 1 elemen...,
What is an oxidising agent
8  cards
AS1 core practicals
Method to measure the molar volum...,
Weigh the sample bottle containin...,
3  cards
What is electronegativity,
Why is there a decrease in electr...,
Why is there an increase in elect...
19  cards
Core practical exam questions
Three actions technician might ma...,
2  cards

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