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Formal 2 Key definitions
What is the atomic number,
What is the mass number,
What are isotopes
54  cards
Module 2 NTK definitions
What are isotopes,
What is relative atomic mass,
What is relative atomic mass
23  cards
Module 2 NTR defintions
What is amount of a substance mole,
What is avogadro s constant na,
What is molar mass
8  cards
Module 2.1.1 - Atomic structure and isotopes
0  cards
Module 2.1.2 - Compounds, formulae and equations
What type of ions do metals form,
What type of ions do non metals form,
What do positive ions usually end in
29  cards
Module 2.1.3 - Amount of a substance
0  cards
Module 2.1.4 - Acids
What is an acid,
What is the chemical formulae of ...,
What is the chemical formulae of ...
25  cards
Module 2.1.5 - Redox
What is oxidation number,
The sum of all oxidation numbers ...,
The sum of all the oxidation numb...
27  cards
Module 2.2.1 - Electron structure
0  cards
Module 2.2.2 - Bonding and Structure definitions
What is an ionic bond,
What is the octet rule,
What is covalent bonding
62  cards
Module 3 NTK definitions
What is periodicity,
What are s p d elements,
What is first ionisation energy
18  cards
Module 3 NTR definitions
What is second ionisation energy,
What is successive ionisation energy,
What is enthalpy change
6  cards
Module 3.1.1 - Periodicity (w/ ionisation)
What does the periodic table show,
What are horizontal rows of eleme...,
What are vertical columns of elem...
34  cards
Module 3.1.2 - Group 2
What is another name for group 2 ...,
What is the electron configuratio...,
What block elements are group 2 e...
31  cards
Module 3.1.3 - The halogens
What is common in halogens electr...,
What type of block are halogens in,
What do halogens exist as
32  cards
Module 3.1.4 - Qualitative analysis
What does cash stand for,
What is the test for carbonates,
What is the ionic equation for ca...
13  cards
Module 3.2.1 - Enthalpy changes
What is enthalpy change,
What is an exothermic reaction,
What is an endothermic reaction
28  cards
Module 3.2.2 - Reaction rates
0  cards
Module 3.2.3 - Chemical equilibrium
0  cards
Module 4 NTK definitions
What is homologous series,
What is a functional group,
What are structural isomers
10  cards
Module 4 NTR definitions
0  cards
Module 4.1.1 - Basic concepts of organic chemistry
0  cards
Module 4.1.2 - Alkanes
0  cards
Module 4.1.3 - Alkenes
0  cards
Module 4.2.1 - Alcohols
0  cards
Module 4.2.2 - Haloalkanes
0  cards
Module 4.2.3 - Organic synthesis
0  cards
Module 4.2.4 - Analytical techniques
0  cards

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