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cib 013 - homicide law and defences - 10/22 - nhdj27

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Culpable Homicide
Can an organistation be convicted...,
30  cards
Murder and Manslaughter Offences
Murder definedlegislationculpable...,
Further definition of murderlegis...,
S168 2 further definition of murd...
43  cards
Homicide-Related Offences
Infanticidelegislationwhere a woman,
Infanticide penalty,
Killing of the child must amount ...
44  cards
Justification and Excuse Including Infancy
Justifiedandprotected from crimin...,
What does protected from criminal...,
What kind of a defence does a chi...
14  cards
Defences Involving State of Mind
Insanity 23 1 every one shall be ...,
Insanity 23 2 no person shall be ...,
Insanity 23 3 evidence of insanity
31  cards
Defences Involving Other People
Compulsionlegislationsummarisea p...,
R v joyceperson must be present i...,
Mistake and entrapmentof note only
14  cards
All Case Law
Murray wright ltdand of noteculpa...,
R v myattbefore a breach of any,
R v tomarsthreats fear of violenc...
20  cards
Progress Test 1
Can an organisation as opposed to...,
Section 160 of the crimes act 196...,
What is the legal view of consent...
5  cards
Progress Test 2
If an offender intends to kill a ...,
In a charge of attempt to murder ...,
Define voluntary and involuntary ...
4  cards
Progress Test 3
1 sections 151 and 152 of the cri...,
2 what types of things fall into ...,
3 in one incident a man stabs a w...
4  cards
Progress Test 4
If a person is deemed to have bee...,
When interviewing 10 13 year old ...,
What was held in the matter of r ...
5  cards
Progress Test 5
What does protected from criminal...,
What type of defence does a child...,
What is the standard of proof req...
7  cards

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cib 013 - homicide law and defences - 10/22 - nhdj27

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