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Decks in this class (15)

What is application software,
What are some examples of applica...,
What is
32  cards
The internet and its uses
What is the internet,
What is the world wide web,
What is a url and what does it st...
28  cards
Automated and Emerging technologies
What does an automated system usu...,
What is the purpose of a sensor i...,
What is the purpose of microproce...
13  cards
What is the definition of primary...,
What are the characteristics of p...,
What are the characteristics of r...
18  cards
Computer Architecture
What is von neumann architecture,
Describe the fetch execute cycle,
What is the purpose of the cpu
31  cards
Data transmission
What are the parts of a data packet,
What does the packet header contain,
What are the steps of packet swit...
20  cards
Data Representation
How many gib in a tib,
How many mib in a gib,
What are the uses of hexadecimal
26  cards
Utility Software
What are some of the things that ...,
What does utility software do,
What does encryption software do
15  cards
Languages and Translators
What is a high level language,
What type of translator does a hl...,
What are some examples of hl lang...
23  cards
What does ide stand for,
What is an ide,
What are the facilities of an ide...
7  cards
Cyber Security
What is hacking,
How to protect against hacking,
What is a brute force attack
35  cards
Input Devices
What is an input device,
What does a barcode scanner do,
What is a barcode scanner used for
38  cards
Output devices and printers
What does an actuator do,
What are actuators used for,
Why is an actuator needed
21  cards
Algorithm Design and Pseudocode
Define what is meant by abstraction,
Define what is meant by decomposi...
19  cards
What is a database,
In a table what is the name of th...,
In a table what a
6  cards

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