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KQ1: Were the peace treaties of 1919-23 fair?
What was the state of britain aft...,
What was the state of france afte...,
What was the state of the usa afte
25  cards
KQ2: To what extent was the League of Nations a success?
What kind of league did woodrow w...,
What kind of league did georges c...,
What kind of league did david llo...
45  cards
KQ3: Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?
What were hitlers foreign policy ...,
What was the timeline of german r...,
How much did armaments spending i...
19  cards
KQ4: Who was to blame for the Cold War, 1945-49?
What were the aims of the yalta c...,
What was agreed at the yalta conf...,
What tension remained at the yalt...
37  cards
KQ5: How effectively did the USA contain the spread of Communism?
What was the significance of the ...,
What was the 38th prallel in rela...,
Why did north korea invade south ...
42  cards
KQ6: How secure was Soviet control over Eastern Europe, 1945-89?
How did stalin control eastern eu...,
What did people in eastern europe...,
In which ways did nikita khrushch...
35  cards
DS1: Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start?
What was the impact of the naval ...,
What events took place in germany...,
What was the political situation ...
32  cards
DS2: Why was Hitler able to dominate Germany by 1934?
How did hitler gain control of th...,
What changes in german society di...,
What was the sa
28  cards
DS3a AND DS3b: How effectively did the Nazis control Germany and what was it like to live in Nazi Germany, 1933-45?
What organisations did the nazis ...
1  cards

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