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Ch 1 - Intro to Privacy
Chapter 1
119  cards
Ch 2 - Structure of U.S. Law
Module 2 - CIPP
90  cards
Ch 3 - Fed & State Regulators
Which of the following is an attr...,
Which of the following is not an ...,
Which of the following is a main ...
74  cards
Ch 4 - Principles of Information Mgmt
People with a privacy fundamental...,
People with a privacy unconcerned...,
Which of the following is an attr...
70  cards
Ch 5 - Online Privacy
Which of the following was a netw...,
Which of the following best descr...,
Which of the following describes ...
71  cards
Ch 6 - Information Security & Data Breach Notification
Which of the following is not one...,
Which of the following is not one...,
Which of the following is not one...
32  cards
Ch 7 - Medical Privacy
The health insurance protection a...,
Hipaa only applies to a all entit...,
The confidentiality of substance ...
63  cards
Ch 8 - Financial Privacy
Under the fcra prescreening is a ...,
Under fcra a cra is a any organiz...,
Records that may be compiled by c...
45  cards
Ch 9 - Education Records & Technology
Which of the following best descr...,
The family educational rights and...,
Under ferpa students have the rig...
31  cards
Ch 10 - Telecommunications & Marketing
The telemarketing sales rules tsr...,
The do not call dnc list provides...,
The tcr does not preempt stricter...
86  cards
Ch 11 - Workplace Privacy
What are 6 steps employers should...,
Why is it important to review col...,
Which risks are reduced by a poli...
33  cards
Ch 12 - Privacy Issues - Civil Litigation & Gov't Investigations
What are 5 elements of a good inf...,
What amendment offers us citizens...,
What is a 4th amendment search wa...
145  cards
Ch 13 - Emerging Issues: Big Data & the IoT
Benefits of using big data includ...,
Which of the following aspects of...,
Which of the following best descr...
39  cards
CIPP-US Glossary
This term describes a control on ...,
Traditionally this has been an fi...,
A transfer of personal data from ...
213  cards

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