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Tu - Role of medical imaging in personalized medicine
Name 3 benefits for using persona...,
In which ways does personalized m...,
What is the eu definition of pers...
16  cards
Tu - Role, CT, radiation protection lectures
What does icrp stand for,
What does alara in radiology stan...,
What kind of things does determin...
20  cards
Th - Medical aspects of radiotherapy
What is brachytherapy,
What is brachytherapy used for 2,
What does gvt stand for
13  cards
Th - Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
What does oar mean,
How much percent of the prescribe...,
What is imrt
21  cards
Th - Basics of MRI and realtime MRI
What is t1,
What does a short t1 mean,
What is t2
9  cards
Fr - Radiobiology
What are the 6 rs the hallmarks o...,
What do the 6 rs stand for explai...
2  cards
Mo - Introduction MRI contrast
Is t1 and t2 a tissue property
1  cards
Tu - Lecture DTI
What does the diffusion coefficie...,
Water in tissue diffusion is hind...,
What does adc stand for
6  cards
We - Lecture fMRI
The t1 of heart muscle is 850 ms ...,
True or false the amount of t1 we...,
Which of the following items are ...
10  cards
Fr - Brain radiology
Is the modality of choice in the ...,
What are beam hardening artefacts,
Where can we see beam hardening a...
22  cards
Mo - Physics of MRI in cancer (contrast enhancement, DWI)
Why is there restricted diffusion...,
Why is the ischaemic area bright ...,
Why is the ischaemic area dark in...
11  cards
Mo - Imaging in cancer
What is intra tumor heterogeneity...,
What is inter tumor heterogeneity,
What does cem stand for
3  cards
Mo - Role of imaging in head and neck cancer
The higher your adc value at base...,
During therapy for head and neck ...
2  cards
Tu - PET physics for medical students
What does pet stand for,
What are positrons,
What do we use to measure uptake ...
5  cards
Tu - PET imaging in clinical practice; patient interview
What is the warburg effect what i...
1  cards
We - How to develop, use a PET tracer
What is the half life of fluoride 18,
What is fluoride 18 used in,
What is the half life of zirconiu...
5  cards
Th - PET in prostate cancer
What imaging modalities are used ...,
What are imaging techniques calle...,
What types of imaging are typical...
9  cards
Th - PET in response monitoring and prediction
What does the time course and mag...,
What are two challenges in pet ki...,
Why quantify tracer uptake in pet...
3  cards
Th - PET imaging processing and kinetic analysis
Why is pet not meant as a structu...,
What does it mean when people say...,
Is pet quantitative
3  cards
Fr - Some main points of the imaging weeks
What is the therapeutic window ex...,
What would happen in hypoxia with...,
Be sure to know gtv ctv ptvwhich ...
16  cards
Mo - Dendritic Cell vaccines in acute myeloid leukaemia
What kind of cd do tcyt cells have,
What kind of cd do th cells have,
What kind of cells are impaired i...
8  cards
Tu - Innovative antibody therapy in multiple myeloma
Why is there renal insufficiency ...,
What are the crab symptoms for mm 4,
What cd does rituximab target
6  cards
Tu - Immunobiology of alloSCT & how to separate GvT/GvHD
What type of t cells are involved...,
What type of t cells are involved...
2  cards
Tu - Immuno-PET imaging in haematological neoplasms
What is the difference between mo...,
Why does the disease still grow i...,
What radioactive tracer is used f...
3  cards
Tu - Adoptive therapy: (ex vivo) CTLs, TCR engineered T cells and CART cells.
What is the difference between ho...,
What is a chimeric antigen receptor,
What are 2 limitations of cart ce...
3  cards
We - Universal adoptive therapy
What is adoptive cell immunotherapy,
How do t cells mediate tumor cell...,
How do nk cells recognise tumor c...
3  cards
Mo - Introduction to personalized medicine / pharmacogenetics /-genomics
What does pharmacogenetics study,
What does pharmacogenomics study,
What does snp stand for
6  cards
Mo - Genomics and functional genetic screening for therapeutic target discovery
What is the difference between kn...,
How does functional genetic scree...
2  cards
Mo - Phosphoproteonomics for target discovery and personalized medicine
What is proteomics,
True or false multiple genomics a...,
What is mass spectrometry what is...
6  cards
Mo - Angiogenesis: all types of solid cancer
What is endothelial specificity e...
1  cards
Tu - Epigenetics
What is epigenetics,
What does chromatin do,
What does initialization mean in ...
6  cards
Tu - Colon cancer diagnostics for targeted therapy and immunotherapy
Which medication are tumor cellin...,
What do the most prominent homozy...
2  cards
We - iNKT cells and T cells in anti-tumor immunity
What is the difference between co...,
Why is the response from unconven...,
Are nkt cells conventional or unc...
8  cards
We - Dendritic cell targeting vaccines
Why do we need cross presentation...,
How do we fix the following probl...
2  cards
Th - Therapeutic options for melanoma 1
Which patient feels better who 0 ...,
Low high ldh is a negative progno...,
The less more mutations the bette...
7  cards
Mo - Background future directions in cancer therapy
Why is there hypoxia due to tumor...,
How is the tumor microenvironment...,
How can tumor cells activate and ...
4  cards
Mo - Oncolytic viruses and immune modulation of the tumor microenvironment
What is a neoantigen,
Why is it important for gsk3b to ...,
In which form unphosphorylated ph...
3  cards
Tu - glioblastoma
Why is vaccine administration har...,
What kind of viruses are neurotro...
2  cards
Th - Pre-treatment imaging Radiotherapy
What kind of radiation is used fo...,
What kind of radiation is used fo...,
Does ct account for a dose burden
13  cards
Mo - Head and neck carcinogenesis
What does hnscc stand for,
What is leucoplakia,
Precancer cells have less more ge...
4  cards
Mo - Head and neck cancer aetiologies HPV+ vs HPV-
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is apobec,
How is apobec relevant to hnscc
6  cards
Tu -Gynaecological tumors: histology and patient demo
What are the low risk hpv types 2,
What does pap3b mean for the cells,
What pap thing is normal
5  cards
Tu - Gynaecological tumors: histology and patient demo
What is the figo stage of a gynae...,
What is the figo stage of a gynae...,
What is the figo stage of a gynae...
9  cards
We - Surgical treatment of lung cancer
What does sclc stand for,
What does nsclc stand for,
What types of nsclc are there 2
9  cards
We - Lung cancer: systemic treatment
What is the treatment for the fol...,
What is the treatment for the fol...,
What is the treatment for the fol...
5  cards
practice exam questions
On t1 weighted mri images tumors ...,
Mention and explain two features ...,
Mention and explain three measure...
24  cards

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