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Networking Concepts
When does tcp send data,
What are the limitations of the t...,
Describe the application layer of...
28  cards
OSI Networking Model
How does the osi model differ fro...,
What is the function of the physi...,
How does the presentation layer e...
51  cards
Data Encapsulation and Communications
What is encapsulation,
What is the first step in data en...,
What is the second step in the en...
43  cards
Cisco Devices
What are the two ways to make a c...,
When first configuring a cisco de...,
What type of cable was needed to ...
50  cards
3.4 Device Settings
How do you change the hostname of...,
How do you set a description for ...,
How do you enter an interface in ...
9  cards
3.5 Device Passwords
What are the two primary password...,
What two types of passwords can y...,
What does the vty password mean
28  cards
3.6 Cisco Discovery Protocol
What is cdp,
When should you disable cdp,
Router config show cdp
30  cards
4.1 IPV4 Addressing overview
What decimal value does the hexad...,
What decimal value does the hexad...,
What decimal value does the hexad...
29  cards
4.2 Subnets
What is subnetting,
What are the reasons for creating...,
What is variable length subnet ma...
4  cards
4.3 Subnet Planning and Design
0  cards
4.4 Route Summarization
What is route summarization,
Describe automatic network summar...,
Describe manual network summariza...
19  cards
4.5 IPv6 Addressing Overview
How many bits are in a ipv6 address,
How bits does a quartet represent,
In a ipv6 address what zeros can ...
6  cards
OSI Deep Dive
Describe the application layer,
What are three protocols of the a...,
Describe the presentation layer o...
14  cards
4.6 Dynamic Host Config Protocol (DHCP)
What is dhcp,
What is an address pool,
What is a lease
39  cards
4.7 DNS
What is a forward lookup address,
What is a revers lookup,
What is a root dns server
27  cards
5.1 Layer 2 Switching Overview
What is an access switch,
What is a distribution switch,
What is a core switch
20  cards
5.2 Switch Interface Configuration
After plugging in a switch what a...,
What do these commands do switch ...,
What do these commands do switch ...
21  cards
IPv4 Routing
What is a routing table,
What is a routing source with the...,
What is a routing source with the...
37  cards
6.2 Static Routing
When the network topology changes...,
When is static better than dynami...,
What are the three advantages of ...
15  cards
6.3 Dynamic Routing
What are the three components of ...,
What do you call a organization w...,
Describe a internal routing proto...
21  cards
6.4 IPv4 Routing Overview
What layer of the osi model does ...,
How does ping work exactly,
When you use ping what is the output
15  cards
6.5 Network Communication Troubleshooting
Describe ping host troubleshootin...,
Describe ping host troubleshootin...,
Describe ping host troubleshootin...
21  cards
7.1 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Overview
What size of network is the ospf ...,
What is link state routing protocol,
What is hello packets
17  cards
7.2 OSPF for IPv4 - 7.4
In order for routers to become ne...,
What is a designated router,
How is a designated router used i...
39  cards
7.5 Adjacency Troubleshooting
Show ip protocols,
Show ip ospf,
Show ip ospf neighbor
9  cards
7.6 EIGRP for IPv4 routing
Describe eigrp enhanced interior ...,
Describe convergence,
Describe advertised distance ad
16  cards
7.7 EIGRP for IPv4 Configuration
What is the first step in configu...,
Describe equal load balancing,
Describe auto summarization
13  cards
8.1 IPv6 Routing Overview - 8.3 EIGRPv6
Describe unicast addressing link ...,
Describe unicast addressing globa...,
Describe unicast addressing uniqu...
34  cards
9.1 Wireless Concepts - 9.2 Wireless standards
Describe the signaling method fre...,
Describe the signaling method dir...,
Describe the signaling method ort...
25  cards
9.3 Wireless Configuration
What is a playbook in ansible
1  cards
10.1 WAN Types
Describe point to point wan topology,
Describe a hub and spoke connecti...,
Describe a full mesh wan topology
31  cards
10.3 Nat (Network Address Translation )
What is nat network address trans...,
In nat what is inside network,
In nat what is an outside network
13  cards
10.4 WAN Troubleshooting
Router show interfaces,
Router show interface status,
Router show ip interfaces
12  cards
11.1 Virtual LANS
What is a vlan,
What are the advantages of vlan,
Vlan disadvantages
14  cards
11.2 Trunking
What is a inter switch link isl,
What is 8021q,
Switch config if switchport mode ...
25  cards
11.3 Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
Describe the spanning tree protoc...,
Describe switching forward logic,
Describe the forwarding state
34  cards
11.4 Spanning Tree Configuration
Switch config spanning tree mode ...,
Switch config spanning tree vlan ...,
Switch config spanning tree vlan ...
11  cards
11.5 Router-on-a-stick interVLAN Routing
Router config interface fa0 1rout...,
Router config subif encapsulation...,
Router config subif encapsulation...
5  cards
11.6 Switch interVLAN Routing
Switch config ip default gateway ...,
Switch config ip routing,
Switch config vlan id
15  cards
11.7 Switch Troubleshooting
0  cards
12.1 Access Control Lists (ACL)
Standard ip,
Extended ip,
Router enable
13  cards
12.2 IPv6 and Extended ACLs
What are the two types of ipv6 acls,
Router config ipv6 access list name,
Router config ipv6 acl permitdeny...
12  cards
13.1 Network Time Protocol (NTP)
Describe ntp network time protocol,
Router config feature ntp,
Router config ntp server address
31  cards
13.3 Simple Network Management Protocol
Describe simple network managemen...,
Describe poll,
Describe trap
9  cards
13.4 NetFlow
Describe netflow,
Describe a network flow,
Router config if ip flow ingress ...
9  cards
13.5 Quality of Service (QOS)
Describe quality of service qos,
What metrics does qos use to dete...,
Describe classification system
4  cards
13.6 Enterprise Networking
Describe software defined network...,
What are the three planes that ne...,
Describe the control plane
15  cards
13.7 Cloud Resources
Describe on demand self service,
Describe broad network access,
Describe resource pooling
9  cards
13.8 Virtual Private Networks and Remote Switch Access
Describe vpn,
Describe point to point tunneling...,
Describe layer 2 tunneling protoc...
19  cards
13.9 Default Gateway Router Redundancy
Describe first hop redundancy pro...,
Describe hot standby router proto...,
Describe hsrp for ipv6
18  cards
14.1 Network Threats
Describe aaa authentication autho...,
Describe tacacs,
Describe radius remote authentica...
24  cards
14.2 Network Security Best Practices
0  cards
14.3 Switch Security
Describe mac flooding,
Describe arp spoofing arp poisoning,
Describe vlan hopping
4  cards

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