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Chapter 1 - TCP/IP and OSI Networking Models
What is the concept when two comp...,
What is the concept when on a sin...,
What is the 5 step process in whi...
12  cards
Chapter 18 - Configuring And Verifying Host Connectivity
0  cards
Chapter 25 - Fundamentals of IPv6
What version of ospf works with ipv6,
What s the new icmp protocol that...,
Ipv6 replaces arp with what protocol
21  cards
Chapter 26 - IPv6 Addressing And Subnetting
What is a unique local address,
What is a global routing prefix,
What is a global unicast address
7  cards
Chapter 2 - Fundamentals of Ethernet LANs
10 mbps is known under what commo...,
What is the informal ieee standar...,
What is the cable type and maximu...
23  cards
Chapter 3 - Fundamentals of WANs
What is a cpe,
What is a csu dsu,
What are the 2 most popular data ...
14  cards
Chapter 4 - Fundamentals of IPv4 Addressing and Routing
True or false all ip addresses in...,
True or false ip addresses separa...,
Ip standards subdivide the entire...
37  cards
Chapter 5 - Fundamentals of TCP/IP Transport and Applications
What is a tcp ip transport layer ...,
What is a tcp ip transport layer ...,
What is the tcp ip transport laye...
22  cards
Chapter 6 - Building Ethernet LANs with Switches
What are the 3 primary actions of...,
What is a collision domain,
What is a mac address table
28  cards
Chapter 7 - Installing and Operating Cisco LAN Switches
What are 3 different ways of acce...,
What are 3 different ways you can...,
When using an emulator to connect...
23  cards
Chapter 8 - Configuring Ethernet Switching
What command moves you into globa...,
What command enables a password w...,
What commands enable a login and ...
51  cards
Chapter 9 - Implementing Ethernet Virtual LANs
How would you create 2 broadcast ...,
What are some common reasons for ...,
When using vlans in networks that...
32  cards
Chapter 10 - Troubleshooting Ethernet LANs
What is cdp,
What are 5 things you can learn a...,
What are the 3 show cdp commands ...
31  cards
Chapter 11 - Perspectives on IPv4 Subnetting
True or false addresses in the sa...,
Addresses in different subnets ar...,
You should plan to use one subnet...
19  cards
Chapter 12 - Analyzing Classful IPv4 Networks
What is the first octet values of...,
What is the first octet values of...,
What is the first octet values of...
14  cards
Chapter 13 - Analyzing Subnet Masks
What are 3 rules about mask formats,
What is the decimal equivalent of...,
What is the decimal equivalent of...
11  cards
Chapter 15 - Operating Cisco Routers
What are 6 steps to installing a ...,
What are a couple differences in ...,
Each interface on a router has tw...
8  cards
Chapter 16 - Configuring IPv4 Addresses and Routes
If one lan based host wants to se...,
If one lan based host wants to se...,
What s the 1st step in a router s...
20  cards
Chapter 17 - Learning IPv4 Routes with OSPF v2
Examples of this include rip eigr...,
Both of these terms refer to a pr...,
What are 4 main routing protocol ...
26  cards

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