cisco - implementing and administrating cisco solution

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Exploring the Functions of Networking
An employee has the option of wor...,
Which four of the following are n...,
Which three statements about netw...
15  cards
Host-to-Host Communications
Which three statements about the ...,
Which layer in the osi model prov...,
Which four statements about the l...
13  cards
Operating Cisco IOS Software
Which three of the following opti...,
Which two statements about the ci...,
Which statement about the cli ope...
12  cards
Introducing LANs
Regarding lans which statement is...,
Which two devices are responsible...,
What is the main purpose of a swi...
11  cards
Exploring the TCP/IP Link Layer
Which two connections were tradit...,
What is the name of the container...,
What is a characteristic of multi...
14  cards
Starting a Switch
What are console port options on ...,
Which command will display the sw...,
Which command is used to set 1722...
16  cards
Introducing the TCP/IP Internet Layer. IPv4 Addressing, and Subnets
At which layer of the tcp ip stac...,
Which number system is the founda...,
Which option is the decimal repre...
44  cards
Explaining the TCP/IP Transport Layer and Application Layer
Which term is used to describe th...,
Which protocol is used to carry v...,
Which statement about tcp is corr...
21  cards
Exploring the Functions of Routing
You have just finished configurin...,
Which routing table element descr...,
Refer to the show ip route comman...
13  cards
Configuring a Cisco Router
In which stage does the router lo...,
What is the primary purpose of th...,
Which is the type of router inter...
20  cards
Exploring the Packet Delivery Process
Does a layer 2 switch have a mac ...,
Which device is at the local netw...,
Which three statements about a de...
14  cards
Troubleshooting a Simple Network
Which troubleshooting method work...,
Which command can you use on cisc...,
Which of these methods is the mos...
17  cards
Introducing Basic IPv6
In which mechanism can a device b...,
Which feature does ipv6 support f...,
In which type of ipv6 address doe...
28  cards
Configuring Static Routing
How does a router learn routing i...,
Which statement about static and ...,
What is the main advantage of sta...
27  cards
Implementing VLANs and Trunks
Which statement regarding broadca...,
What is the default range for nor...,
Which cisco ios command should yo...
16  cards
Routing Between VLANs
Which statement regarding vlans i...,
Which inter vlan routing solution...,
Which command displays the output...
11  cards
Introducing OSPF
Which three dynamic routing proto...,
Which route is preferred by a rou...,
Which option a key feature of lin...
21  cards
Building Redundant Switched Topologies
How does ethernet recognize and e...,
What could cause a potential prob...,
How does stp prevent forwarding l...
14  cards
Improving Redundant Switched Topologies with EtherChannel
Which two statements about the et...,
Which statement about the lacp pr...,
You issued the show etherchannel ...
14  cards
Exploring Layer 3 Redundancy
You have installed a second route...,
Which three protocols are example...,
What is hsrp a hsrp is an fhrp th...
12  cards
Introducing WAN Technologies
Which medium is used by service p...,
Which three statements about wan ...,
Which statement regarding wan top...
15  cards
Explaining Basics of ACL
Which three options are uses of a...,
Which statement about the acl ope...,
Which matching criteria could be ...
11  cards

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