cisi introduction to securities & investment (l4)

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Chapter 1: The Financial Services Sector
What does the financial services ...,
What are the top 5 global financi...,
What are the 2 areas within the f...
63  cards
Chapter 2: The Economic Environment
Which factors determine the level...,
What is a state controlled economy,
What is a market economy
121  cards
Chapter 3: Equities
What 2 documents are required to ...,
What is the memorandum of associa...,
What are articles of association
147  cards
Chapter 4: Bonds
What is a bond,
Who issues bonds,
What is the nominal value
98  cards
Chapter 5: Other Financial Assets
What are cash deposits,
What are the main characteristics...,
What are different types of accounts
64  cards
Chapter 6: Derivatives
What are futures contracts,
What is a commodity,
Which 4 forms can derivatives take
68  cards
Chapter 7: Investment Funds
What is the asset management sect...,
How can the size of the asset man...,
What s the role of ia
72  cards
Chapter 8: Financial Services Regulation & Professional Integrity
What are the main purposes and ai...,
What is the fsma and when did it ...,
What key parties are involved in ...
37  cards
Chapter 9:
Why must firms take care of their...,
What legal responsibilities do fi...,
What do the regulations around da...
44  cards
Chapter 10: Other Financial Products
What are the 3 ways individuals c...,
What is an overdraft,
What is an authorised overdraft
66  cards
Chapter 11: Financial Advice
What is financial advice,
How much financial advice does an...,
What does receiving financial adv...
184  cards
Chapter 8: Financial Services Regulation & Professional Integrity
What s self regulation,
What s the main purposes and aims...,
What came into force on december ...
33  cards

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cisi introduction to securities & investment (l4)

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