clinical anatomy: back

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Surface landmarks
Name seven surface landmarks of back
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Vertebral Column
How many vertebrae are there,
List the vertebrae in order,
What is c1 also called c2
4  cards
clinical issues
What is kyphosis,
What is scoliosis,
What can cause scoliosis
4  cards
What does atlas articulate with w...,
What are important parts of the p...
2  cards
Which vertebrae articulate with ribs,
Does scapula articulate with ribs,
Where is the medial border of the...
5  cards
What does the sacrum of the verte...,
Where is sacral canal located coccyx
2  cards
What is vertebral body,
Pedicles of vertebra,
Lamina of vertebra
8  cards
adjacent vertebrae
What are the intervediskrtebral f...,
What are the zygapophysial facet ...,
What is the intervertebral disk
4  cards
vertebra details
What is the pars interacticularis...,
How are cervical vertebrae distin...,
Foramen transversarium
11  cards
ligaments of the vertebral column
Supraspinous ligament,
Nuchal ligament,
Anterior longitudinal ligament
8  cards
craniovertebral ligaments
Anterior atlanto occipital membrane,
Posterior atlanto occipital membrane,
Anterior atlantoaxial membrane
5  cards
intervertebral disks
What are intervertebral disks,
How are iv disks numbered,
How many iv disks are there
9  cards
spinal nerve numbers
How many pairs of spinal nerves e...,
How do the cervical nerves leave ...,
How do thoracic and lumbar nerves...
5  cards
vertebra clinical issues
Symptoms of lumbar level disk pro...,
Cervical disk prolapse symptoms,
How do posterior protrusions of d...
4  cards
spinal cord
In adult spinal cord occupies,
In six month fetus spinal cord oc...,
Conus medullaris
10  cards
How does meniges extend as a slee...,
Denticulate ligaments,
Filum terminale interna and externa
4  cards
Where is epidural anesthesia deli...,
Where is epidural needle inserted,
What does epidural space anesthes...
8  cards
spinal cord profile
Cross section of thoracic vertebr...,
What is unique about a cross sect...,
What is spinal cord divided into
8  cards
What are dermatomes,
Which spinal nerve rami serve the...,
Which rami innervate dermatomes o...
15  cards
spinal cord properties
How does relative proportion of w...,
What does blood supply to spinal ...,
What do the vertebral arteries me...
10  cards
spinal arteries
What feeds the spinal arteries,
What do segmental arteries contri...
2  cards
spinal cord injuries
What are direct injuries to the s...,
Open injuries,
What are indirect injuries to the...
7  cards
spinal deformity
Four types of spinal deformity,
Four types of scoliosis,
Four causes of neuromuscular scol...
8  cards
spine surgery
Principle goals of spine surgery,
Sagittal vertical axis,
What factors affect sagittal balance
10  cards
What is kyphoplasty,
What is myelodysplasia spina bifida,
What determines ambulatory potent...
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vertebral column
Flexion of vertebral column is do...,
When back muscles are functioning...,
What do the intrinsic muscles of ...
10  cards
Trapezius origin,
Trapezius insertion,
5  cards
latissimus dorsi
Ld origin,
Ld insertion,
Ld nerve
5  cards
intermediate layer of extrinsic back muscles
Muscles of extrinsic intermediate...,
What do two rhomboids and levator...
2  cards
levator scapulae
Ls origin,
Ls insertion,
Ls nerve
5  cards
rhomboid major and minor
Rhomboids mandm origin,
Rmandm insertion,
Rmandm nerve
5  cards
posterior serratus
Purpose and position of posterior...,
Superior serratus extends from,
Superior serratus inserts on t
5  cards
intrinsic or true back muscles
Role of intrinsic back muscles,
Intrinsic muscles include,
Concern of ibjm
9  cards
superficial and intermediate
Splenium group is located just de...,
How are erector spinae muscles pr...,
Splenius group is made up of
12  cards
erector spinae
Erector spinae runs from,
What does erector spinae group do,
Most lateral division of es
7  cards
Ilio origin,
Ilio insertion,
Three parts
9  cards
Origin insertion,
E division
3  cards
semispinalis muscles
What do semispinalis muscles span...,
Were do semispinalis thoracis and...,
Semispinalis capitis origin inser...
3  cards
Where heaviest and best developed,
Origin insertion
4  cards
Two kinds,
Longus muscles cross origin insert,
Rotatores brevisorigin insert
3  cards
suboccipital region
Nerves associated with suboccipit...,
Vertebral artery,
What innervates the 4 suboccipita...
5  cards
rectus capitis
Rectus capitis posterior minor or...,
Rectus capitis posterior major or...,
Function of recti capiti
4  cards
Oblique Capitus Superior and Inferior
Oblique capitus superiororigin in...,
Oblique capitus inferiororigin in...,
Innervation of oblique capitus
4  cards

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