clinical pathology

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Cellular Growth Regulation
What are the cell growth consider...,
What are some considerations for ...,
What are some considerations for ...
24  cards
Cell Damage and Cell Death
What are the causes and mechanism...,
What are the three mechanisms of ...,
Describe necrosis
45  cards
Mechanisms of Oncogenesis
What is cancer,
What is a carcinoma,
What is a sarcoma
43  cards
Oncogenes and Tumour Supressors
Recap what is a hallmark,
Which two hallmarks of cancer are...,
Summarise the major functional ch...
49  cards
Tumour Angiogenesis, Invasion and Metastasis
What are three characteristics of...,
Describe growth of malignant tumours,
Describe the invasiveness of mali...
33  cards
Primary Cell Culture
What is a primary cell culture,
Provide sonme examples of non hae...,
Provide some examples of haemopoi...
31  cards
Cell Culture Techniques
What is a cell culture,
How can we isolate different cell...,
How do we isolate cell population...
42  cards
X-Ray, CT and PET Scan
What is ionising radiation,
Why do we use ionising radiation,
48  cards
Flow Cytometry I + II
Define flow cytometry,
Define flow sorting,
What can a flow cytometer tell us...
29  cards
Nutritional Anaemia
What is the definition of anaemia,
What are the formed elements in t...,
Describe normal erythropoesis
52  cards
Introduction to Leukaemia
What are the three major blood ca...,
What is leukaemia,
What are the features of haematop...
36  cards
Introduction to Lymphoma and Myeloma
What are lymphomas,
What are the roles of the lymphat...,
What are primary lymph organs
40  cards
Laboratory Investigation of WBC
What is the normal hb count in a fbc,
What is the normal wbc count value,
What is the normal platelet count
33  cards
Haemolytic Anaemia
What is haemolytic anaemia,
Describe the normal rbc lifecycle,
What are the metabolic pathways w...
51  cards
The Blood Transfusion Laboratory
What is present on the surface of...,
Where are antibodies found and wh...,
What immunoglobulin antibodies ar...
36  cards
Blood Coagulation, Haemostasis and it Investigations
What is haemostasis,
What is the effect of haemostasis...,
What are the key components of ha...
25  cards
Laboratory Investigation of Liver and GI tract Disease
What are the major functions of t...,
List some of the common diseases ...,
What is the general biochemical a...
46  cards
Diabetes and Hypoglycaemia
What is glucose and how is it mai...,
What is the livers role in terms ...,
List two reasons why glucose leve...
41  cards
Chromosomal Abnormalities I
Describe the normal human chromos...,
What is a karyotype,
Describe the normal structure of ...
23  cards
Chromosomal Abnormalities II
Describe some major structural ab...,
Why do we get structural abnormal...,
What is a reciprocal translocation
24  cards
Bacterial Pathogens and Disease - EXOTOXINS
What is a pathogen,
What is pathogenicity,
What is virulence
38  cards
Bacterial Pathogens and Disease ENDOTOXINS
What is,
What are three areas of a lipopol...,
What are the characteristics of e...
12  cards
Viral Pathogens I
Define a virus,
List the different types of genom...,
What is the central dogma
28  cards
Viral Pathogens II
Describe the typical course of th...,
Define viral load,
Why do retroviruses invade the hu...
13  cards
Define a parasite,
What are the three classes of par...,
Describe protozoa
56  cards
Mechanism of Viral Infection and Pathogenesis
We have a,
What is the difference between in...,
List some sites of microbe entry ...
24  cards
Microbial Immune Evasion
Define the terms pathogenicity vi...,
List some potential mechanisms ba...,
List some potential mechanisms vi...
28  cards
Diagnosis of Viral Infections
It is not always possible to diag...,
Why is it important to get a rapi...,
What are the three types of labor...
34  cards
Mechanisms of Anti-virals
Why do we need anti virals,
Give some examples of anti microb...,
What are some uses of anti virals
42  cards
Describe the use of antibiotics,
What is an antibiotic,
What are most antibiotics derived...
33  cards
Antibiotic Resistance
Explain how antibiotic resistance...,
What can antibiotic resistance do,
What is the common misconception ...
16  cards
What is all medical imaging based on,
What provides the contrast in a c...,
What would the hounsfield number ...
19  cards
What is ultrasonography,
How far do ultrasound waves trave...,
Describe the pulse echo principle
47  cards
Laboratory Investigation of Cardiac Disease
What are the characteristics of i...,
What do we mean by cardiovascular...,
What are the two main causes of d...
21  cards
Review of the Innate Immune System
Why do we need innate immunity,
What is the specificity of the in...,
What does innate immunity consist of
29  cards
Natural Killer Cells and Cytotoxic T Cells
Recap the two types of immunity,
Where do natural killer and t cel...,
What is the role of cytotoxic lym...
28  cards
Scientific Basis of Vaccines
What is the definition of a vaccine,
In what kind of state is a the bo...,
How did vaccines come about
26  cards
Vaccines Bacterial and Viral
How is public health implemented ...,
There was a vaccine that covered,
Describe the vaccine that was dev...
24  cards
Laboratory Investigation of Endocrine Disorders
What are thyroid hormone levels u...,
What is the biologically active t...,
What is the function of the thyro...
4  cards
Humoural Immunity - Antibody structure and Function
How many domains does the heavy c...,
How many domains does the light c...
19  cards
Humoral Immunity - Generation of B-cells and Antibody Diversity
What is the difference between so...,
What are the two stages of b cell...,
Describe the life cycle of b cells
23  cards
Humoral Immunity - B cell activation, affinity maturation and class switching
Summarise the processes which occ...,
What are the two stages of b cell...,
Describe the process occuring in ...
11  cards
Development of Lymphocytes
What are the cells of the innate ...,
What are the cells of the adaptiv...,
Why do we need lymphocytes
26  cards
Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism
Why is bone turnover important,
What affects the homeostasis of s...,
What is the distribution of body ...
31  cards
Laboratory Investigation of Disorders of Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism
Recap the stages of bone remodelling,
What induces osteoclast different...,
What competes with the rank recep...
32  cards
Antigen Recognition by T-lymphocytes/ Generation of Diversity in the T cell repertoire
What is the definition of an antigen,
What is an epitope,
Can the immune system recognise t...
37  cards
T cell activation and generation of effector T cells
What is the difference beween cel...,
What type of microbes are killed ...,
What is the requirement needed fo...
33  cards
Mechanisms of Hypersensitivity
What are the four types of hypers...,
What are the four types of hypers...,
Describe type i hypersensitivity
11  cards
What are some examples of autoimm...,
Give an example of an organ speci...,
Describe an example of mhc specif...
34  cards
How can immunodeficiencies be cla...,
What are the,
What are warning signs of primary...
36  cards
Transplantation and Immunosuppressive Drugs
What is transplantation,
What is an autologous transplant,
What is a syngeneic transplant
36  cards
Immunology in the Clinic and Research Lab
What is the antibody repertoire,
What is antibody affinity,
What is antibody avidity
6  cards

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