cm 1a: heme/onc/endo

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Lecture 1: Introduction to Hematology
What 3 indices are related to anemia,
Define polycythemia,
Define anisocytosis
49  cards
Lecture 2: Approach to the Adult Patient with Anemia
Define erythropoiesis,
What 4 things result in erythropo...,
What is the progenitor cell of an...
95  cards
Lecture 3: Anemia I
Why do females generally have a l...,
What anemias are classified as mi...,
What anemias are classified as no...
139  cards
Lecture 4: Anemia II
What is aplastic anemia,
What is the mc of aplastic anemia,
What kind of diseases result in a...
115  cards
Lecture 5: Hemostasis Review
What is the goal of hemostasis,
What is hemostasis the balance be...,
What are the 4 phases of hemostasis
47  cards
Lecture 6: Hemostasis Pharmacology & Transfusion Therapy
What are the major blood group sy...,
What antigens and antibodies does...,
What kind of blood can o blood re...
148  cards
Lecture 7: Bleeding Disorders
What two things in the history he...,
What does a mucocutaneous bleed s...,
What does a joint or soft tissue ...
105  cards
Lecture 8: Thrombophilias
What is virchow s triad,
What is the primary cause of arte...,
What are the primary etiologies o...
64  cards
Lecture 9: Principles of Onco Part 1
How many deaths is cancer respons...,
What cause of death is cancer in ...,
What are the 4 mc cancers
66  cards
Lecture 10: Leukocyte Evaluation
What is a cytokine,
What is granulocytopenia,
What are the pmn leukocytes
118  cards
Lecture 11: Principles of Onco Part 2
What is the initial goal of cance...,
What are the secondary goals of c...,
How is toxicity managed in cancer...
104  cards
Lecture 12: Leukocyte Disorders Part 1
What is a bone marrow biopsy aspi...,
What are cis of bone marrow biopsy,
What can we test with a bone marr...
145  cards
Lecture 13: Leukocyte Disorders Part 2
Where are the extranodal lymph sites,
Which lymph nodes are largest in ...,
What lymph nodes should i palpate...
113  cards
Lecture 14: Adrenal Disorders Part 1
Where are adrenal glands located,
What makes up the adrenal cortex ...,
What are the 3 layers of the adre...
95  cards
Lecture 15: Adrenal Disorders Part 2
What kind of inheritance is conge...,
What does cah involve what is the...,
What is the most common enzyme de...
79  cards
Lecture 16: Thyroid Disorders Part 1
What is the cell that makes thyro...,
What does high t3 and t4 inhibit,
What is thyroglobulin tg
94  cards
Lecture 17: Anterior Pituitary Disorders
What artery supplies the anterior...,
What are the 5 types of endocrine...,
What does a gh deficiency present...
101  cards
Lecture 18: Thyroid Disorders Part 2
What is thyrotoxicosis,
What is hyperthyroidism,
What is the most common demograph...
126  cards
Lecture 19: PTH and Mineral Metabolism Disorders
How is pth secretion controlled v...,
In what 3 days can the parathyroi...,
What are functions of calcium
67  cards
Lecture 20: Posterior Pituitary Disorders
What two hormones does the poster...,
What is the primary function of adh,
What are the other functions of adh
88  cards
Lecture 21: Male Gonadal Disorders
Describe the hypothalamus pituita...,
What does lh allow the uptake of ...,
What is testosterone converted to...
115  cards
Lecture 22: Lipid Disorders
What is the primary reason us adu...,
What are lipids,
What are apolipoproteins function
109  cards
Lecture 23: Metabolic Disorders
How are most metabolic disorders ...,
What characterizes metabolic diso...,
What are the three primary produc...
141  cards
Lecture 24: DM Pathophysiology and Epidemiology
What is the usual fasting bg,
What are the two ways our body ra...,
What kind of glycogenolysis canno...
58  cards
Lecture 25: DM Screening/Mgmt, Part 1
What are the s s in dm usually ca...,
What are the 3 polys found in dm,
What are the s s of t1dm
55  cards
Lecture 26: DM Management Part 2
When is insulin indicated,
What two characteristics are insu...,
What are the common se of insulin
74  cards
Lecture 27: DM Comorbidities/Complications
What usually qualifies as hypogly...,
What are the symptoms of hypoglyc...,
How often is a hypoglycemic episode
58  cards
Lecture 28: MEN Disorders
How are men disorders inherited,
What defines a men disorder,
What is men1 also known as
81  cards

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