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Assisting with the physical examination
Nasal speculum,
17  cards
The person's rights
High quality care,
Involvement in care,
If a patient is unable to exercis...
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Preventing Infection
Infection is a,
Microorganism microbe,
Harmful microbes are called
27  cards
Vital Signs
The four vital signs of body func...,
The order of vital sign measureme...,
Temperature sites include
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Communication with the health team
Communication is,
The medical record is,
Admission record is completed when
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The Nursing Process
The nursing process is the,
The 5 steps of the nursing process,
Assessment involves
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Understanding the person
Holism is,
The whole person has,
Abraham maslow theory
17  cards
Body Structure and function
The basic unit of body structure ...,
Cell membrane is the,
Nucleus is
55  cards
Growth and development
Growth is,
Growth is measured in,
Development relates to changes in
13  cards
Care of The Older Person
Gerontology is,
Geriatrics is,
W hen communicating with elderly ...
16  cards
A poison is,
Unintentional poisoning,
Intentional poisoning
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Restraint alternatives and safe restraint
Restraints may be used only to treat,
Restraints may be used only when,
Restraints must be discontinued
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The Person's Unit
The person s area of the room is ...,
Most healthy people are comfortab...,
According to the cms a comfortabl...
20  cards
Nutrition and Fluids
The person s diet affects,
Nutrition is,
Foods and fluids contain
46  cards
Assisting with the Physical Exam
Exams are done to promote health,
Laryngeal mirror,
Nasal speculum
21  cards
Collecting and Testing Specimens
Specimens samples are collected a...,
Most specimens are tested in the,
You need to strain a person s uri...
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Fall Prevention
A history of falls increases the,
Falls are the most common acciden...,
Most falls occur between
4  cards
Body mechanics
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Safely Moving the Person
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Safely Transferring the person
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Urinary Elimination and Urinary Catheters
0  cards
Bowl Elimination
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Wound Care
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Pressure Ulcers
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Personal Hygiene
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Heat and Cold Applications
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Oxygen Needs
How does ageing affect oxygen needs,
A person is sensitive to a substa...,
Three respiratory function processes
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Raspatory and Support Therapies
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Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing care
17  cards
Hearing, Speech, and Vision Problems
Common reasons for hearing or vis...,
Otitis media,
Menieres disease
14  cards
Nutritional and IV Therapies
Enteral nutrition,
Nasogastric ng tube,
Nasoenteral tube
17  cards
Comfort, Sleep, and Rest
Comfort rest and sleep are needed...,
Pain or discomfort
24  cards
Admissions, Transfers, and Discharges
16  cards
Assisted Living
0  cards
Basic Emergency
First aid,
Sudden cardiac arrest sca
35  cards
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Exercise and Activities
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Intro to Healthcare Agencies
0  cards
Getting a job
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