- coastal systems; case studies - geog a level

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Hard Engineering Lyme Regis, Dorset
Name 4 physical consequences of l...,
Name 4 social consequences of lym...,
Where is lyme regis located
20  cards
Coastal Erosion and Management along the Holderness Coast
What is the majority of the holde...,
How much are the cliffs eroding p...,
How many villages have been lost ...
23  cards
Holderness Coastline
Consider the possible impacts of ...,
Arguments for protecting holderne...,
Arguments against protecting hold...
28  cards
Spurn Head - Unstable Spit
Why does the longshore drift from...,
How long is spur head,
What does the dominant wind direc...
13  cards
Flambourgh Head
What is the main reason for the f...,
Describe the structure of chalk
7  cards
Background Information on the State of Odisha
Where is odisha located,
Shape of the coastline,
Where do most people live
17  cards
Odisha Case Study - Risks
Rates of erosion has increased why,
What is there an increasing conce...,
The risk of
8  cards
Odisha Case Study - Management
What has odisha recently developed,
What does the iczm aim to do,
What stakeholders does the iczm i...
10  cards
Soft Engineering- Managed Retreat; Essex Marshes Coastal Realignment
Why is coastal management needed,
What is the blackwater estuary,
What is happening along the essex...
12  cards
Management of Coastal flooding in Netherlands
How are medcs more prepared for f...,
What type of scheme is the nether...,
What was the delta plan
16  cards
Coastal Barrage - Cardiff Bay Barrage
What is a coastal barrage,
What is the function of coastal b...,
As well as protecting from floodi...
23  cards
Management of Coastal Flooding Bangladesh
What does a high proportion of ba...,
What is the flat land ideal for,
How many people live in the region
13  cards
Holderness - The Places Affected
What rock is flamborough made up of,
Where is mappleton located,
How much erosion is mappleton sub...
23  cards
Mappleton - Human Activity
Where is mappleton located,
Why is mappleton subject to erosion,
What was a threat upon mappleton
18  cards

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- coastal systems; case studies - geog a level

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