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RUSSIA Industry
What was state capitalism,
What were the key measures of len...,
Land decree october 1917
172  cards
RUSSIA Control of the People, 1917-85
When was a decree issued banning ...,
When were all non bolshevik newsp...,
What were all newspaper editors a...
153  cards
RUSSIA politics- LENIN
All russian congress of soviets,
Who made up the all russian congr...,
During the civil war how did the ...
129  cards
MAO Agriculture
Why was it decided that agricultu...,
Why had arguments broken out with...,
When was the agrarian reform law
130  cards
MAO Cultural Revolution
When did the great cultural prole...,
Gang of four,
When had the divide between the i...
193  cards
RUSSIA Agriculture
Why did soviet agriculture need t...,
How would the improvement of agri...,
What was the political case for c...
141  cards
MAO Social and Cultural Changes
What had first brought women more...,
What promised the abolition of re...,
When was foot binding officially ...
131  cards
BRITAIN Breadth 1- RPAs
When was a motion passed by the h...,
When did the war of american inde...,
Why did the demand for parliament...
136  cards
BRITAIN Radical Reformers
When was the french revolution,
When were the napoleonic wars,
When were the september massacres
158  cards
BRITAIN Contagious Diseases Act
When was the crimean war,
When did the health of the britis...,
What established the link between...
102  cards
BRITAIN Breadth 2 PART 1
When did the whigs unite with the...,
Who was responsible for the creat...,
When did lloyd george resign as pm
162  cards
MAO- Korean War
How long had korea been occupied ...,
When did the japanese leave korea,
What happened after the japanese ...
49  cards
RUSSIA Culture and the Arts
What did lenin think about culture,
What were lenins personal cultura...,
What did lenin implement early af...
84  cards
RUSSIA Secret Police
When were the cheka established,
Who led the cheka,
What was the task of the cheka
82  cards
When was the nuwss established,
Who led the nuwss,
What did the nuwss avoid with its...
96  cards
RUSSIA Social Developments PART 1
What did the soviet constitution ...,
What resulted in a drift of facto...,
When was labour conscription intr...
147  cards
RUSSIA Social Developments PART 2
When did a new marriage law give ...,
By when was russias divorce rate ...,
When was the family code revised ...
149  cards
RUSSIA Fall of the USSR 1985-91- ECONOMICS
When was gorbachev elected genera...,
What did gorbachevs appointment s...,
When was there an attempted coup ...
56  cards
What were the key criticisms of t...,
What had convinced gorbachev that...
36  cards
RUSSIA- Fall of the USSR 1985-91- NATIONALISM
How many republics was the ussr d...,
What had soviet control over east...,
How much did the ussr spend annua...
67  cards
Which type of historians approach...,
When did gorbachev receive the no...,
What were gorbachevs failings
48  cards
BRITAIN Trades union militancy 1915-27 PART 1
How much of the globes land had b...,
What was britains wealth mainly d...,
How many british people were kill...
121  cards
BRITAIN Trade union militancy 1915-27 PART 2
When did the government become in...,
When had the trade unions lost mu...,
After the initial post war econom...
126  cards
BRITAIN Trade union militancy 1915-27 PART 3
What were the problems with the 1...,
What was the hostile conservative...,
What were the priorities for the ...
51  cards
MAO Industry
What was always maos overriding a...,
What had mao made his overriding ...,
Why did mao not launch his fyps s...
104  cards
BRITAIN Breadth 1- Redistribution of seats
How many parliamentary seats were...,
How many parliamentary seats were...,
What legislation abolished the ir...
72  cards
BRITAIN Breadth 2 PART 2
What confirmed that the liberals ...,
When was the carlton club formed,
What did the carlton club functio...
111  cards
When was sylvia arrested for inte...,
Why was sylvias stance on the wsp...,
How many times was sylvia arreste...
79  cards
RUSSIA Politics- Stalin
When did lenin die,
When did stalin emerge as the rea...,
Why can it be argued that stalins...
108  cards
What was brezhnevs regime based on,
What had developments after the d...,
How did brezhnev approach politics
74  cards
MAO Politics part 1
When was the prc officially estab...,
How many supporters were at tiana...,
When was the qing dynasty overthrown
106  cards
MAO Politics part 2
Why did the pla enjoy a special p...,
How many people made up the pla i...,
How much of the state budget did ...
108  cards
BRITAIN Chartism part 1
How did the government disperse t...,
When was the newport rising,
Where had chartism secured very s...
101  cards
BRITAIN Chartism part 2
When was there a brief revival of...,
Which three groups came together ...,
When did three groups come togeth...
100  cards

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