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Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience
What does the res extensa and res...,
Who was a fan of holism and ablat...
9  cards
Visual perception I: Lower-level vision
Distal sensory processing,
How is light turned into an image...,
What did yarbus show in his initi...
32  cards
Visual perception II: Higher-level vision
Simple feed forward model of simp...,
Gabor filter,
End stop cells
24  cards
Attention is the process by which...,
Spatial and non spatial attention...,
Non spatial attentional process
12  cards
Short-term memory
Chunking strategy,
Echoic memory,
Iconic memory
12  cards
Long-term memory and learning
Where is the hippocampus located ...,
What part of henry molaison s hm ...,
Describe the concept of systems l...
16  cards
Motor systems
What is the moravec s paradox,
What is electromygraphy,
How are upper and lower motor neu...
23  cards
Reward and motivation
State dependency of reward,
Primary and secondary reinforcers
19  cards
Executive functions
Executive function,
What is wrong about phineas gage,
Stability and plasticity dilemma
20  cards
Decision making and free will
Perceptual decision making,
Signal detection,
Response distribution
13  cards
The hard problem of consciousness,
The explanatory gap,
Mary s room
23  cards
Defining intelligence,
Place in psychology,
Place in psychology
15  cards
Emotional and social neuroscience
Ekmans 6 basic emotions,
James lange theory,
How was the bodily emotion respon...
20  cards

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