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202 National Final
The income remaining after deduct...,
A contract is terminated if,
Which of the common law agency du...
88  cards
Closings 1
One homeowners fees of 112 for th...,
2 who is responsible for confirmi...,
3 how is the brokers commission a...
20  cards
Closings 2
1 if a worksheet for settlement a...,
2 a lender is requiring to discou...,
3 loan discount points are a base...
20  cards
Closings 3
1 how would an outstanding specia...,
2 at a new loan closing on octobe...,
3 how would the pmi premium be ha...
20  cards
Final Examination 202 – General
2 person a in person b purchased ...,
3 person jay buys a storage build...,
4 a real estate broker acting und...
101  cards
Final Examination 202 – Colorado
1 which of the following would pr...,
Two how many approve sales contra...,
Three the colorado real estate co...
51  cards
Final Examination 303 – National Sample Broker Examination
1 the term season may refer to wh...,
2 which of these is always in her...,
3 executed means that the contrac...
102  cards
101 National Final
A real estate salesperson selling...,
4 hey broker informed by the sell...,
5 mutual assent to a real estate ...
100  cards
101 Colorado Final
Two a single party listing must n...,
Three an apartment in colorado re...,
4 hey survey what show what shoul...
50  cards
Trust Accounts- Keeping Records
2 real estate license law does no...,
3 to account for money along to o...,
4 crust escrow accounts may not b...
25  cards
125 Contract And regulation Questions:
2 in colorado the closing stateme...,
3 which of the following circumst...,
4 to renew a colorado real estate...
125  cards
Test Prep/Day One
Two a broker who represents the s...,
Three i ll colorado real estate l...,
Four a broker may substitute the ...
12  cards
Test Prep/Day Two
Two how much of his own money is ...,
Three a broker collects rental fo...,
Four in colorado a buyers agent h...
11  cards
Test Prep/Day Three
Two point and earnest money perso...,
3 in colorado a buyer or seller w...,
Four the colorado real estate com...
16  cards
Test Prep/Day Four
Two a contract signed by a person...,
Three which of the following is n...,
Five trust account balances are n...
12  cards
Test Prep/Day Five
Two for income tax purposes the c...,
Three when the developer wishes t...,
Four a broker representing buyer ...
14  cards
Test Prep/Day Six
Two which of the following uses h...,
Three the doctrine of water right...,
Four the change in the prior appr...
13  cards
Test Prep/Day Nine
One which of the following docume...,
2 the real estate commission has ...,
3 if the local property tax has n...
16  cards
Test Prep/Day 10
Two which of the following are la...,
3 tennessee at will a terminates ...,
4 how would you enter the pay off...
11  cards
Law And Practice Exam One
Number one the bill of sale is us...,
Number two salespersons half of 5...,
They only want to for requisites ...
81  cards
Law And Practice Exam 2
A broker may list a property curr...,
Question three in an arbitration ...,
Four a contract signed under dire...
80  cards
Colorado Exam 1-74 Questions
Blank card,
Two after hearing in an initial d...,
Three which of the following need...
75  cards
303 Colorado
When must a seller s agent provid...,
Which of the following closing co...,
A real estate broker is in violat...
50  cards
303 National
1 the term seisin may refer to wh...,
Executed means that the contract ...,
A father dies and leaves a large ...
89  cards
Ultimate Test 1
A single party listing must not i...,
A broker may list a property curr...,
A township consists of
97  cards
Ultimate Test 2
1 what can unlicensed administrat...,
2 who is ultimately responsible t...,
In the colorado approved sales co...
95  cards
Ultimate Test 3
An associate broker must use the ...,
A contract addendum may not be co...,
A property is assessed at 129 000...
92  cards
Ultimate Test 4
What legal description would have...,
A homeowner after purchasing his ...,
Respa is regulated by
53  cards

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