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FARs 1
Fars stand for,
Do you need to report if there is...,
What does ntsb stand for
40  cards
Supplemental oxygen must be used ...,
You are conducting a flight with ...,
Which is required equipment durin...
30  cards
Influence of alcohol or using dru...,
If the minimum safe speed for any...,
You just received your commercial...
31  cards
25 takeoffs and landings int he l...,
Narcotic conviction ground for,
You are giving sight seeing fligh...
24  cards
Aerodynamics 2
If the cg is loaded rear plane is...,
At given weight and configuration...,
The sum of all upward components ...
40  cards
Aerodynamics 1
Load factor is the lift divided b...,
For a given angle of bank in any ...,
What is the difference on the loa...
40  cards
Aerodynamics 3
What are the nonstandard conditio...,
Altimeter indication is off more ...,
You are flying an aircraft with a...
22  cards
Category and Utility of an Airplane
What is a normal category of an a...,
What is utility category plane,
What is acrobatic category
18  cards
V speeds
16  cards
Aircraft Systems 2
When you turn the ignition off an...,
What happens is the ground wire i...,
If the engine strats with residua...
39  cards
Aircraft Systems 3
Exceeding the max manifold pressu...,
Extremely high temperature in rec...,
Spark plug fouling is result off
43  cards
General 1
Visibility is 1 sm and approachin...,
You see the lights green is on th...,
Green position light is on the __...
30  cards
General 2
The thin magenta line on the carts,
Chart says 2900 for the class d w...,
Charts hatched magenta lines
30  cards
General 3
Good cockpit management starts with,
Plane arrive late another flight ...,
During the check you discovered t...
31  cards
General 4
What is the purpose of vfr waypoints,
How do you know if there is a vfr...,
How can you find details about a ...
30  cards
General 5
You are departing to the west fro...,
Flying a pressure altitude of 600...,
During a crosswind takeoff ailero...
16  cards
Ground test vor check error range,
Atc clearance has been obtained p...,
Vor check requirement
18  cards

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