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1. Intro to Public Health and Populations
Name 3 things brought on by the a...,
What is the main key to community...,
Public health nursing vs communit...
20  cards
46. Public Health at Local, State, and Federal Levels
5 roles of federal public health ...,
List 2 federal public health agen...,
5 roles of state health departments
11  cards
17. Community as Client: Assessment and Analysis
What does community assessment do,
4 steps to start a community asse...,
3 types of data collected for ass...
20  cards
11. The Intervention Wheel
The minnesota intervention wheel ...,
10 assumptions that explain the f...,
List 4 common us inequities
4  cards
13. Epidemiology
The study of the occurrence and d...,
Seeks to describe the occurrence ...,
Factors exposures characteristics...
29  cards
22. Public Health Surveillance and Outbreak Investigation
Ongoing systemic collection analy...,
Focuses on what is being done ser...,
Focuses on the changes in health ...
18  cards
23. Program Management
Positions publics well being abov...,
Organized ongoing approach to mee...,
Smaller organized activities w a ...
26  cards
18. Building a Culture of Health
Process that enables individuals ...,
Highest level of health for an in...,
When groups of people who have sy...
11  cards
19. Health Education Principles
Nursing steps to develop a commun...,
In education learning what 3 thin...,
Activity undertaken or initiated ...
38  cards
8. Achieving Cultural Competence in Community Health Nursing
What does a lack of cultural comp...,
Set of common beliefs values and ...,
Biologic variation within a popul...
27  cards
20. Nurse Led Health Centers
Who are nurse led health clinics ...,
3 types of nurse led clinics,
Primary care clinic for a communi...
7  cards
25. Case Management
4 changes to healthcare in recent...,
The coordinated activities of mul...,
Synchronization of activities and...
11  cards
43. Occupational Health Nursing
What is the overall goal of occup...,
List 3 outcomes of improving heal...,
What are the nurses roles in occu...
17  cards
44. Forensic Nursing
What do forensic nurses do,
Nurse that works in the ed and ga...,
List 8 forensic nursing roles
11  cards
45. Faith Community Nursing
Work w individuals families and f...,
What do faith community nurses do,
Who governs the practice of faith...
10  cards
28. Child and Adolescent Health
What is living in poverty associa...,
Problems associated with immigran...,
What programs are used to help ch...
13  cards
35. Teen Pregnancy
Problems with teens and healthcare,
There has been an overall decreas...,
Why do pregnant teens delay seeki...
10  cards
42. The School Nurse
Individualized education plans ie...,
What is the school nurses role in...,
Standards of practice for school ...
10  cards
29. Chronic Care
Provides funds for social service...,
Provides protection against age d...,
Provides job protection and conti...
9  cards
30. Disability Health Care
5 categories of disability,
Asks questions to determine disab...,
Provides money to those with disa...
18  cards
41. Home Health, Hospice, and Palliative Care
What is the term used by medicare...,
What is the purpose of home healt...,
Advantages of home health visits
23  cards
31. Vulnerable Populations
Everyone has a fair and just oppo...,
Barriers that prevent individuals...,
Examples of health inequities
13  cards
32. Rural Health
Remove farm to village to small t...,
Rural population characteristics,
Health status of rural residents
7  cards
33. Poverty and Homeless
What groups are becoming more com...,
What is the cycle between poverty...,
What are minority women at increa...
20  cards
34. Migrant Health Issues
Describe the migrant lifestyle,
Set up funds to provide housing f...,
Health access limitations for mig...
8  cards
37. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Problems
4 parts of the harm reduction model,
Perceptions of good drugs and bad...,
Perceptions of addicts
12  cards
38. Violence and Abuse
4 levels of the social ecological...,
Individual factors that can influ...,
Assessment for violence in children
20  cards
6. Environmental Health
What is used for individual envir...,
Sources of environmental exposures,
Sources of air pollution
21  cards
14. Infectious Disease Prevention
Current infectious diseases of co...,
3 parts to the epidemiologic tria...,
Ability of agent to enter the host
50  cards
15. Communicable Diseases
3 stages of hiv,
What has greatly increased surviv...,
2 complications of aids
52  cards
4. Global Health
Described the responsibility of w...,
Came from health people 2020 and ...,
Developed vs underdeveloped nations
35  cards
5. Economics of Health Care Delivery
Addresses health care disparities...,
Key provisions of aca,
What is the health care system tu...
20  cards
9. Public Health Policy
Set course of action,
Government actions affecting all,
Set actions aimed specifically at...
15  cards
21. Disaster in the Community
Any natural or human made inciden...,
Prevention against natural disasters,
Role of nurse in natural disaster...
25  cards

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