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Exam 1 Pre-Op Evaluation
Goals of pre op evaluation include,
What are the benefits of pre op e...,
What are the benefits of pre op e...
146  cards
Exam 1 Physical Assessment
What are the two components of a ...,
Caucasians have a 20 higher chanc...,
What is the classical difficult b...
123  cards
Exam 1 Ultrasound
Ultrasound is defined as sound wi...,
Describe a linear probe,
Describe a curved curvilinear probe
44  cards
Exam 1 Basic EKG
The heart has the innate ability ...,
What are the two types of cells i...,
When there is a stimulation above...
82  cards
Exam 1 ACLS
What hr would be considered brady...,
What is the leading cause of brad...,
What does persistent bradyarrhyth...
59  cards
Exam 1 Advance EKG
What is the benefit of using a 5 ...,
In lead i the negative electrode ...,
In lead ii the positive electrode...
95  cards
Self Assessment Questions for Exam 2 (Dr. Erickson)
Part of properly assessing mallam...,
What is the least likely cause of...,
The extension of the upper inciso...
20  cards
Exam 2 Airway Assessment
The internal nose is dived by the...,
The internal structure of the nos...,
The internal nasal cavity is very...
48  cards
Exam 2 Gastrointestinal Diseases
What symptoms are presented with ...,
What is the normal resting tone o...
65  cards
Exam 2 Musculoskeletal Diseases
What is scleroderma,
What are the 3 forms of scleroderma,
The limited symptoms of scleroder...
39  cards
Exam 2 Endocrine
Wha are the functions of the panc...,
The endocrine cells islets of lan...,
Increases bs by stimulating hepat...
67  cards
Exam 3 Renal Assessment
The kidneys sit retroperitoneal b...,
What is the functional unit of th...,
The kidneys receive ______ range ...
156  cards
Grayson's Deck: Hepatic Diseases (Exam III)
How much blood is contained in th...,
What positioning is often necessa...,
How much bile is produced by the ...
104  cards
Grayson's Deck: Neurologic Diseases (Exam III)
The brain consumes _______ of car...,
What vessels provide the blood fl...,
Name the pertinent vasculature of...
97  cards
Grayson's Deck: Vascular Disease
What are some coexisting diseases...,
What percentage of vascular surg ...,
If the surgical site has sclerosi...
99  cards
Stephen's Deck: Hemostasis and Coagulation (Exam III)
Coagulation proteins are typicall...,
If the endothelium becomes damage...,
What are the three layer of a blo...
81  cards
Blood Disorders (Exam III) Marcus's Cards
What is the number 1 most common ...,
What are the s s of vwf disorder,
What would lab values be for some...
38  cards
Blood Products and Transfusion (Exam III) Stephen's Cards
What is the volume of the blood,
What percentage of blood volume i...,
Which blood product has an risk o...
83  cards
Kahoot Questions (Exam III)
T f a normal bun concentration is...,
Which of the following drugs unde...,
The ideal volatile anesthetic for...
46  cards
Self Assessment Questions for Exam IV (Erickson)
Which drug class prolongs the lif...,
The most significant predictor of...,
Which diagnostic data correlates ...
26  cards
Ischemic Heart Disease (Exam IV)
Risk factors for ihd,
What percentage of patients will ...,
What are manifestations of
89  cards
Valvular Disease (Exam IV)
Prevalence of valvular heart dise...,
The most frequently encountered c...,
Preoperative evaluation of patien...
81  cards
Hypertension (Exam IV)
How many have htn in the us,
Women over the age of _____ will ...,
Worldwide hypertension is the lea...
55  cards
Heart Failure (Exam IV)
Heart failure is a complex clinic...,
Two types of hf,
Hf w preserved ef hfpef ef or equ...
69  cards
Obstructive Respiratory Disease (Exam IV)
What is osa,
How is osa diagnosed what do they...,
Apnea is consider when there is _...
99  cards
Restrictive Lung Disease (FINAL EXAM)
What is restrictive lung disease,
__________ will result from the i...,
Restrictive lung disease dx
83  cards

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