comp 2080 algos

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What does a problem,
What is each allowed input to the...,
What is an algorithm for problem p
33  cards
Big Everything and Proofs
Put the following in order of siz...,
What are the 5 different types of...,
Roughly speaks f n e of the follo...
32  cards
Little Everything
What is the intuition for little ...,
What is the little oh definition ...,
In general what do you need to do...
25  cards
Intro to Recurrence Relations
What is the definition of n,
What is the recursive algorithm f...,
What is the iterative algorithm f...
6  cards
Graphs and Trees
What is the definition of a graph,
What is adjacent and incident,
Define walk path cycle
24  cards
Mid-Term 2
In general what are the two prope...,
How do you prove the greedy choic...,
How do you prove the optimal sub ...
23  cards
What is the run time to matrix su...,
What is the naive algo for matrix...,
For matrice multiplication what h...
10  cards
Linear Programs
What is linear programming what d...,
Define the following from the pro...,
What is the definition of the hal...
19  cards
Binary Multiplication
Up to what size number n can two ...,
What is the efficiency of the fol...,
What is the algorithm for binary ...
19  cards
Intro - Dynamic Programming
What is tabulation what type of a...,
What is the code for fibonacci us...,
What is the run time of fibtabula...
27  cards
Dynamic Knapsack
As a review what is the input and...,
What do we need to output,
Why doesnt densest first solve th...
9  cards
Average Case
What is the intuition behind aver...,
What is the definition of expecta...,
Find the expectation of t for the...
13  cards
What is the general idea and base...,
What are the 3 pivot choices and ...,
What is the quicksort code for a ...
5  cards
Greedy choice proofs
What does it mean to say that alg...,
Prims algorithm what is the proof...
2  cards
Optimal Substructure proofs
What does the optimal substructur...,
To prove optimal substructure pro...,
What is the proof of the optimal ...
7  cards
Substitution Practice
Find the closed form express for ...,
Find the closed form expression f...,
Find the closed form of the follo...
4  cards
What is the definition of a palin...,
What is the definition of a subse...,
What is the definition of the lon...
8  cards
General Algos
What is the divide conquer and co...,
What is the recursive formula for...
2  cards
Prims algo,
Dynamic programming longest palin...,
Dynamic programming longest palin...
30  cards

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comp 2080 algos

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