company officer

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Chapter 1: Introduction to the fire officer
Nfpa 1021,
Fire officer 1,
Fire officer 2
41  cards
Chapter 2 Preparing for promotion
Assessment centers,
Class specification,
Data dump question
25  cards
Chapter 3: Firefighters and the officer
Actionable items,
Administrative fire officer,
23  cards
Chapter 4: Fire officer communications
What does the fire officers rank ...,
What are some reasons effective c...,
Communication is a repetitive ___...
50  cards
Chapter 5: Safety and risk management
Health and safety officer
41  cards
Chapter 6: Understanding people: Management concepts
Compensation and benefits,
Direct supervison,
Heath safety and security
42  cards
Chapter 7: Leading the fire company
Equity theory,
Expectancy theory,
38  cards
Chapter 8: Training and coaching
14  cards
Chapter 9: Evaluation and Discipline
Central tendency,
Contrast effect,
22  cards
Chapter 10: Organized labor and the fire officer
Collective bargaining,
Fair labor standards act
15  cards
Chapter 11: Working in the community
Community emergency response team...,
Risk watch
25  cards
Chapter 12: Handling problems, conflicts, and mistakes
23  cards
Chapter 13: Preincident planning and code enforcement
Adoption by reference,
Adoption by transcription,
Authority having jurisdiction
29  cards
Chapter 14: Budgeting
15  cards
Chapter 15: Managing incidents
0  cards
Chapter 16: Rules of engagement
0  cards
Chapter 17: Fire Attack
0  cards
Chapter 18: Fire cause determination
0  cards
Chapter 19: Crew Resource Management
0  cards

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