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13 Pre plan and code
Removal of occupants plan must in...,
Pre incident plan includes,
Occupant considerations to plan w...
100  cards
19 Crew Resource Mgt & Leading Change
Leading change is,
Crew resource management is
2  cards
1 Intro
Three types of duties for a fire ...,
Two requirements of a fire officer,
Eight administrative duties
53  cards
2 Peparing Promo
Testing dimensions
1  cards
3 Firefighters And The Officer
3 roles on pant officer,
Officer 4 basic vital tasks,
Officer establishing command shou...
10  cards
4 Communication
5 techniques to improve active li...,
Steps in communication cycle,
Inform chief of
22  cards
5 Safety Risk Mgmt
Everyone goes home developed why ...,
Prevention depends on,
Results and year of safety summit
31  cards
6 Mgmt Concepts
Hr management is built from 2 sch...,
What is management science,
Scientific management developed by
18  cards
10 Organized Labor
Iaff established,
Officers supervisory activities d...,
Iaff 3 original objectives
23  cards
11 Working In Community
Two levels of needs for community,
Four objectives public education,
Fire prevention week has roots in
5  cards
16 Rules Engagement
Three quarters of firefighter dea...,
Rules of engagement for structura...,
Nfpa requires and air management ...
7  cards
17 Fire Attack
The level of supervision should b...,
When combating ventilation limite...,
Non emergency situations what typ...
22  cards
Building Con Ch.7
Heavy timber _ inches or more in ...,
Floor beams
36  cards
Building Construction 10 Non Combust
What is the max height for noncom...,
What is the difference between no...,
What is the max height for fire r...
24  cards
Building Construction 11 Fire Resistant
Two types of concrete construction,
Concrete tensile strength and she...,
Cast in place and precast concret...
25  cards
Building Construction 12 Green
Pv roof panels generate what
1  cards
Building Construction 14 Collapse
How firefighters die greatest kil...
1  cards
High Rise
Where keys retrieved from,
Three keys that need to be accoun...,
Where are pressure reducing valve...
18  cards
Still Alarms
Isolation from live wires distance,
What is the wording to get tep to...,
Defective appliances two things t...
25  cards
Occupancy Specific Tactics
Initial action plan garden apartm...,
Garden style apartments firewalls...,
Garden apartments location of mas...
7  cards
EC captain
By textbook status is considered ...,
4 support areas ec capts,
Accountability does
29  cards
Stico Strategy & Tactics
The conditions and elements that ...,
Activities undertaken to achieve ...,
3 incident objectives
9  cards
The Boot
Three types of evaluations for pr...,
How many modules and how long do ...
2  cards
Reading Smoke
Some oils have self ignition temp...,
What percent of smoke is particulate,
Carbon monoxide self ignition tem...
15  cards
Safety officer
Definition of a safety officer,
Safety officers what years origin...,
Health and safety officer duties ...
20  cards
Deputy 6 Support
Logistics budget need and budget ...,
Fleet responsible for which respo...,
Lifespan of mattresses
15  cards
Fml medical cert is req within ho...,
Fml eligibility how long employed...,
Military leave order req how long...
5  cards
If notified by an employee that t...,
If you haven t had an appraisal a...,
When are the evaluation due dates...
16  cards
To make sure all your times are c...,
A report that you want deleted wh...,
Approximately how many ccr s are ...
12  cards
Which governmental fund accounts ...,
Governmental funds which fund cov...,
Which government to fund accounts...
16  cards
Exposures, Injuries, Mvc
Radius for airborne precautions,
4 types exposure,
4 types checklist in exposure packet
14  cards
Employment Law
4 enforcement agencies anti discr...,
Fancy terms for intentional and u...,
Age discrimination protect at wha...
11  cards
Which discipline grievable not ap...,
What discipline not grievable or ...,
Which discipline is appealable
8  cards
7 Leading Fire Company
Definition of leadership,
Does becoming officer make you a ...,
Leadership styles
19  cards
8 training/coaching
Four steps of skills training,
Lectures or video presentations s...,
To bring ffs to mastery level the...
8  cards
9 evaluation and discipline
Definition of discipline,
Two types of discipline,
One of most effective strategies ...
11  cards
12 handling probs
Decisions guided by,
5 procedures of decision making4,
4 responses to conflict
8  cards
14 budgeting
Base budget vs supplemental,
Petty cash used to purchase items...,
When is requisitions used and wha...
12  cards
15 managing incidents
Two programs provided foundation ...,
Nims acronym,
Firescope created
25  cards
18 Fire Cause & Investigation
Tfd fire origin unit is under,
What nfpa addresses investigating...,
Fire investigators may be held to...
10  cards
19 Crew Resource Mgmt
Respect based on three competencies,
Final decision rests with,
Followers should self assess in w...
4  cards
Building construction 2 concepts
External and internal forces are ...,
Stress define,
Strain define
38  cards
Building Construction 3
Modular construction ceilings,
Dimensions of wood dimensional lu...,
Concrete mixture of
5  cards
Building Construction Ch5
Fire reqs four elements,
Three methods heat transfer,
Autoexposure define
4  cards
building construction ch 8
Type 4 construction,
Adavantage of heavy timber constr...,
Only method that can reasonably b...
4  cards
building construction ch9 ordinary con
Type 3 construction,
Type 3 joists are usually,
Type 3 bearing and non bearing wa...
18  cards
Search and Rescue Techniques
Three types search techniques,
Standard search,
Three types standard search
28  cards
engineer overview
Driving policy for manual ops,
Probationary firefighters driving,
If engineers must be reassigned f...
41  cards
engine/truck co fireground ops
Responsibility of engine company,
Slicers acronym,
Level 1 staging typically used
37  cards
labor relations
Captains role in employee rights 3,
Labor contract negotiated by and ...,
Union officially represents membe...
13  cards
assignments comm, training, toemhs
Who compromises toemhs,
Definition of emergency mgmt,
Call types tlo response
5  cards
Hazmat First Responder
What level of first responders wh...,
Hazmat first responding captain s...,
Colors of erg
16  cards
Technical Rescue
Three characteristics of a confin...,
Permit required confined space ha...,
Technical vs non technical rope r...
6  cards
General staff,
Two types of fire ground decision...,
What type decision making is most...
7  cards
Activities undertaken to achieve ...,
Conditions that should be recogni...,
What can be accomplished when all...
8  cards
simulator tactics
Is the simulator fun
1  cards
role and expectations of company officer
Difference between managers and l...
1  cards
medical ICS
Definition of mci,
Mci when there is,
What is in mci dispatch
3  cards
Fire RMS
First thing after logging in,
Two ways to search for calls and ...,
Where document how spills cleaned up
12  cards
radio communications
Most tfd not allowed on what two ...,
Three automatic ways dvrs will sh...,
Communicate with tpd officer how
6  cards
Other sources-charts
13 primary factors
1  cards

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