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Core 1 extra Questions
What is a burn in,
What is a stuck dead pixel,
3 usb ports found on mobile devices
8  cards
1.1 - Install and configure LAPTOP hardware and components
Troubleshooting keyboards damaged...,
What is a device driver,
For memory some laptops are not m...
20  cards
1.3 - Set up & configure accessories & ports of mobile devices
Identify the port footnote13 give...,
Identify the connector footnote13...,
Identify the port
21  cards
1.2 - Compare and contrast the display components of mobile devices
Types of displays modern laptops ...,
Meaning of lcd,
Meaning of oled
29  cards
1.4 - Configure basic mobile-device network connectivity & application support
2g networks consisted of 2 global...,
Meaning of gsmc,
Meaning of cdma footnote14 given ...
41  cards
2.1 - Compare & contrast TCP & UDP ports, protocols, & their purposes
Tcp udp are transported inside fo...,
Footnote21 compare contrast tcp u...,
What additional capability do udp...
128  cards
2.2 - Compare & contrast common networking hardware
What is a router footnote22 compa...,
Footnote22 compare contrast commo...,
How do switches send data
64  cards
2.3 - Compare & contrast protocols for wireless networking
What is 80211 aka footnote23 comp...,
Who manages the wi fi trademark,
What do 80211 standards define
46  cards
2.4 - Summarize services provided by networked hosts
What is a server,
What do dns servers store maintain,
How are devices usually configure...
46  cards
2.5 - Install & configure basic wired/wireless SOHO networks
How are ipv4 addresses formatted ...,
How are ipv6 addresses formatted ...,
Configuration parameters needed t...
43  cards
2.6 - Compare & contrast common network configuration concepts
What does dns translate,
What are address records aka,
What do address records do a aaaa
32  cards
2.7 - Compare & contrast Internet connection types, network types, & their features
6 types of internet connections,
Disadvantages to satellite intern...,
How does satellite internet s upl...
23  cards
2.8 - Given a scenario, use networking tools
What are cable crimpers used for ...,
Why is it important to use the co...,
What are cable strippers used for...
15  cards
3.1 - Explain basic cable types & their connectors, features, & purposes
Footnote31 explain basic cable ty...,
What transmission media do twiste...,
What transmission media do fiber ...
120  cards
3.2 - Given a scenario, install the appropriate RAM
Memory modules desktops use and o...,
Memory modules laptops use other ...,
Meaning of dimm
21  cards
3.3 - Given a scenario, select & install storage devices
Footnote33 given a scenario selec...,
Downside to higher rpm hdds,
Footnote33 given a scenario selec...
43  cards
3.4 - Given a scenario, install & configure motherboards, CPUs, & add-on cards
Meaning of atx footnote34 given a...,
2 most popular motherboard form f...,
Meaning of itx
73  cards
3.5 - Given a scenario, install or replace the appropriate power supply
What do power supplies do footnot...,
What does voltage measure,
Meaning of psu
14  cards
3.6 - Given a scenario, deploy & configure multi-function devices/printers & settings
Footnote36 given a scenario deplo...,
What is an mfd,
Footnote36 given a scenario deplo...
26  cards
3.7 - Given a scenario, install & replace printer consumables
5 types of printers,
Laser printer components footnote...,
What is the laser printer s imagi...
40  cards
4.1 - Summarize cloud-computing concepts
4 cloud deployment models footnot...,
3 cloud service models,
Meaning of iaas
19  cards
4.2 - Summarize aspects of client-side virtualization
3 purposes of vms footnote42 summ...,
What do hypervisors do,
How do type 1 hypervisors differ ...
9  cards
5.1 - Given a scenario, apply the best practice methodology to resolve problems
Footnote51 given a scenario apply...,
List the 6 step troubleshooting m...,
2 things to do when identifying t...
9  cards

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