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Chapter 1 Mobile Devices MC
You are researching options for a...,
Which of these are generally acce...,
Which screen type would you choos...
28  cards
Chapter 1 Mobile Devices
Replacement components available ...,
Replacement components that can b...,
A laptop is powered by
157  cards
Chapter 1 Mobile Devices Key Terms
Pointing device,
Hard disk drive hdd
38  cards
Chapter 2 Networking MC
Which of the following applicatio...,
Which two statements about udp ar...,
Which protocol used tcp but not u...
54  cards
Chapter 2 Networking
Computers use port numbers to,
The protocol http does what,
How does the protocol http work
375  cards
Chapter 2 Networking Key Terms
Transmission control protocol tcp
95  cards
333  cards
Chapter 3 Hardware MC
What is the most commonly used ca...,
What kind of cables are used in v...,
What is the latest version of usb...
63  cards
Chapter 3 Hardware
Ethernet is,
What is known as baseband transmi...,
Ethernet cables are bidirectional...
664  cards
Chapter 3 Hardware Key Terms
125  cards
Chapter 4 Virtualization and Cloud Computing MC
Which cloud computing model allow...,
You have been asked to arrange fo...,
A company requires high security ...
18  cards
Chapter 4 Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Cloud computing invovles,
Cloud based systems allow customers,
The cloud refers to
84  cards
Chapter 4 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Key Terms
15  cards
Chapter 5 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting MC
Which of the following is not one...,
At which step in the troubleshoot...,
Which is not a system error commo...
47  cards
Chapter 5 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
The term methodology means,
The 6 step troubleshooting method...,
In the identify the problem step ...
239  cards
Chapter 5 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting Key Terms
System lockup,
Post code beeps
44  cards
Chapter 6 Operating Systems MC
Which is true of fat32 it uses fi...,
Which versions of windows use cha...,
Which operation requires the help...
59  cards
Chapter 6 Operating Systems Key Terms
File system,
123  cards
Chapter 6 Operating Systems
A key purpose of operating system...,
A file system describes,
In windows the file system you ch...
490  cards
Chapter 7 Security MC
What kind of security breach is a...,
Say that you have been asked to i...,
Which of the following is the mos...
29  cards
Chapter 7 Security Key Terms
Radio frequency identification rf...,
Smart card
98  cards
Chapter 7 Security
A mantrap is,
A mantrap essentially,
Badge readers are
258  cards
Chapter 8 Software Troubleshooting MC
Kate is experiencing inconsistent...,
Which message indicates that the ...,
Which of the following options ap...
25  cards
Chapter 8 Software Troubleshooting Key Terms
Boot configuration data bcd,
Pop up
16  cards
Chapter 8 Software Troubleshooting
Windows system performance soluti...,
Windows system performance soluti...,
Windows system performance soluti...
110  cards
Chapter 9 Operational Procedures MC
Jennifer has asked for a document...,
Enrique has been asked to attend ...,
A power outage in centerville too...
35  cards
Chapter 9 Operational Procedures Key Terms
Acceptable use policy aup,
Change management
37  cards
Chapter 9 Operational Procedures
When a technician is called into ...,
A topology diagram is essentially,
A physical topology diagram uses
206  cards

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