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SG: Assessment Test: 220-1001
Which of the following is not con...,
Which of the following is not a r...,
When setting up two nfc devices w...
41  cards
SG: Ch 1: Motherboards, Processors, and Memory
A motherboard failed on a desktop...,
You have just found out that a ne...,
A technician asks you how to get ...
20  cards
SG: Ch 2: Internal Expansion, Storage Devices, and Power Supplies
You install a new nic for a user ...,
You are installing a new hard dri...,
Your goal is to build the fastest...
20  cards
SG: Ch 3: Peripherals and Connectors
You are installing peripherals on...,
What kind of peripheral is used t...,
Which of the following is not an ...
20  cards
SG: Ch 4: Custom PC Configurations
Your network uses thin clients a ...,
A video editor at your company wa...,
Which of the following descriptio...
20  cards
SG: Ch 5: Installing and Configuring Printers
What happens during the developin...,
Which printer part gets the toner...,
Most printers that use the electr...
20  cards
SG: Ch 6: Networking Fundamentals
You have been asked to configure ...,
Which of the following is a type ...,
Transmitting at 10 gbps how far c...
20  cards
SG: Ch 7: Introduction to TCP/IP
Which of the following protocols ...,
Which tcp ip protocol uses port 8...,
Your network is running ipv4 whic...
20  cards
SG: Ch 8: Installing Wireless and SOHO Networks
Which of the following security s...,
You have just installed a wireles...,
You are setting up a small office...
20  cards
SG: Ch 9: Network Services, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing
You have been asked to configure ...,
You have been asked to set up cli...,
You have been asked to identify t...
20  cards
SG: Ch 10: Understanding Laptops
You need to replace defective ddr...,
You need to replace a failed ac a...,
A user complains that his mouse c...
20  cards
SG: Ch 11: Understanding Mobile Devices
Apps for android based smartphone...,
Multi touch refers to which featu...,
Which of the following is the nam...
20  cards
SG: Ch 12: Mobile Device Connectivity and Synchronization
A technician is configuring a mob...,
Which of the following are disabl...,
Which of the following are univer...
20  cards
SG: Ch 13: Troubleshooting Methodology and Resolving Core Hardware Problems
You have fixed a printer problem ...,
You are troubleshooting a windows...,
When a desktop computer boots up ...
20  cards
SG: Ch 14: Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
You boot up a windows 10 desktop ...,
You have an inkjet printer recent...,
You are having problems with the ...
20  cards
SG: Practice Exam 1
Which port number is used for smt...,
You are troubleshooting a laser p...,
You need to replace memory in an ...
69  cards
SG: Practice Exam 2
Concerning the specialized drives...,
Which of the following custom con...,
Which of the following does not c...
60  cards
RG: Ch 1: Mobile Devices
Which of the following lets you q...,
Which display is a newer technolo...,
What size hard drive goes in a la...
18  cards
RG: Ch 2: Networking
Which of the following is a form ...,
Which type of server provides aut...,
Which device operates at layer 2 ...
23  cards
RG: Ch 3: Hardware
Which ram type is not compatible ...,
The sata power connector has how ...,
Which ram type is used in laptops...
33  cards
RG: Ch 4: Virtualization and Cloud Computing
When a company pays another compa...,
Which of the following involves t...,
Which of the following is the sof...
10  cards
RG: Ch 5: Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
Which of the following is typical...,
What is the most common reason fo...,
Which of the following is the fir...
14  cards
RG: Practice Exam 1
Which of the following cellular t...,
Which type of network cable is a ...,
Which of the following is conside...
50  cards
RG: Practice Exam 2
What is the process of updating t...,
________________ is a measurement...,
Your mobile device is not changin...
50  cards

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