comptia a+ 220-1001 & 220-1002

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Mike Meyers - TOTAL: A+ Certification 220-1001 Udemy Course
Which item is not likely to be fo...,
A tech might use a voltage tester...,
The first step in troubleshooting...
135  cards
Jason Dion - CompTIA A+ 1001 Exam Prep #1
You are working as part of a pc r...,
John is a small business owner wh...,
Dion training s service desk has ...
85  cards
Jason Dion - CompTIA A+ 1001 Exam Prep #2
You are configuring a soho networ...,
Which of the following is categor...,
Dion training has asked you to co...
86  cards
Exam Cram A - CompTIA A+ 1001
Which of the following are compon...,
Which device stores data over the...,
To which type of technology would...
80  cards
Exam Cram B - CompTIA A+ 1001
Which of the following servers is...,
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following storage te...
80  cards
Exam Cram C - CompTIA A+ 1001
You just installed a maintenance ...,
Which of the following is indicat...,
Which of the following defines th...
80  cards
CompTIA A+ 1001: Port Numbers
38  cards
CompTIA A+ 1001 App
The mobile device screen technolo...,
A user has requested a laptop mem...,
The type of battery that is the m...
39  cards
CompTIA A+ 1001: Weak Spots #1 - General
80111a frequency speed,
80111b frequency speed,
80111g frequency speed
56  cards
CompTIA A+ 1001: Weak Spots #2 - Printers
What material do laser printers u...,
Which letters represent the ink c...,
Which is not part of the impact p...
46  cards
Mike Meyers - TOTAL: A+ Certification 220-1002 Udemy Course
One of the best ways to gather in...,
A tech should avoid this type of ...,
Tech s should avoid using this ja...
110  cards
A+ 1002: CH1 Review
If a theory is not confirmed duri...,
When building out a computer spac...,
Regarding an onsite accident what...
21  cards
A+ 1002: CH2 Review
How many directory structures for...,
In macos what launch point provid...,
Which feature does windows 8 use ...
26  cards
A+ 1002: CH9 Review
Storage resiliency types designed...,
Storage resiliency types can tole...,
Storage resiliency types designed...
45  cards
A+ 1002: CH11 Review
Netboot is a tool that allows one...,
What is the primary performance c...,
A type of installation that is ve...
27  cards
A+ 1002: CH12 Review
Windows runs many processes simul...,
A named group of functions that d...,
A counter tracks specific informa...
29  cards
A+ 1002: CH13 Review
What chip on the motherboard vali...,
How are libraries folders display...,
What tool is offered by windows u...
33  cards
A+ 1002: CH14 Review
The purpose of windows update is ...,
Event viewer performance monitor ...,
The purpose of the virtual memory...
29  cards
A+ 1002: CH15 Review
In older windows versions the fil...,
The file s _______ indicates what...,
Windows uses a ______ to organize...
34  cards
A+ 1002: CH16 Review
System protection falls under the...,
The _____ command at the bash or ...,
What is the easiest fix for a mis...
29  cards
A+ 1002: CH17 Review
The vast majority of users will g...,
What is another term for thin fil...,
A color lcd screen is composed of...
30  cards
A+ 1002: CH19 Review
What is the linux macos equivalen...,
A workgroup shares folders over t...,
How many host ids does a 20 netwo...
30  cards
A+ 1002: CH20 Review
How many bits does wep encryption...,
What is the max capacity for data...,
What is another name for the serv...
33  cards
A+ 1002: CH21 Review
The integrated services digital n...,
What is another term for primary ...,
Phone lines have a speed based on...
32  cards
A+ 1002: CH24 Review
The most common way to connect to...,
Which identifier represents the u...,
What type of screen technology do...
28  cards
A+1002: CH25 Review
Modern mobile devices use what ty...,
Removing os restrictions on an an...,
In android where would you go to ...
29  cards
A+ 1002: CH27 Review
What is the correct humidity rang...,
Not all _____ access is malicious...,
Microsoft s encryption method of ...
28  cards
A+ 1002: CH28 Review
Tracking specific problems throug...,
Use ______ to protect against pow...,
Techs help organizations institut...
11  cards
ITProTV - A+ 1002 Practice
What is the best implementation o...,
You run systeminfo command on a w...,
You need to access content on a c...
153  cards
Jason Dion - CompTIA A+ 1002 Exam Prep #1
You are concerned that your servi...,
Whenever you reboot your domain c...,
Which of the following commands i...
90  cards
Jason Dion - CompTIA A+ 1002 Exam Prep #2
Your coworker is creating a scrip...,
Which of the following is used to...,
You are a member of a project tea...
90  cards
Exam Cram A - CompTIA A+ 1002
Which of the following are micros...,
Which of the following is the def...,
Where is the notification area lo...
80  cards
Exam Cram B - CompTIA A+ 1002
Which of the following statements...,
Where is registry hive data store...,
Clinton needs a more secure parti...
80  cards
CompTIA A+ 1002: Refresher of 1001
A 1001 refresher troubleshooting ...,
A 1001 refresher troubleshooting ...,
A 1001 refresher troubleshooting ...
31  cards
CompTIA A+ 1002: Weak Spots #1 - General
7 step malware removal process st...,
7 step malware removal process st...,
7 step malware removal process st...
56  cards
CompTIA Security+: Weaknesses #1 - Ports & Acronyms
Port smtp ssl tls
1  cards

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