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Chapter 1: Hardware Quiz
Which if the following is a stand...,
Which if the following is memory ...,
Which if the following is also ca...
10  cards
Chapter 2: Networking Quiz
Which the following is not a fibe...,
Which cabling type offers no prot...,
Which connector type is used for ...
10  cards
Chapter 3: Mobile Devices Quiz
What is the maximum transmission ...,
What type of memory goes in a lap...,
Which memory type can be used in ...
10  cards
Chapter 4: Hardware and Network Troubleshooting Quiz
What is the most common reason fo...,
Which if the following is typical...,
What process may generate beep co...
10  cards
Review Guide: 220-901 Practice Exam 1
How many bits are included in ipv...,
What is the process of updating t...,
An ip address of 1041631 falls in...
50  cards
Review Guide: 220-901 Practice Exam 2
By default what port or ports doe...,
Which type of cache holds data th...,
By default what port or ports doe...
50  cards
Practice Tests - Chapter 1: Hardware
What is the distance limitation o...,
Which motherboard form factor mea...,
Which of the following statements...
171  cards
Practice Tests - Chapter 2: Networking
Which of the following network de...,
A technician installed a utp spli...,
You are installing a fiber optic ...
106  cards
Practice Tests - Chapter 3: Mobile Devices
Which type of laptop backlight is...,
In which scenario would you use t...,
You are purchasing a mobile devic...
86  cards
Practice Tests - Chapter 4: Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
You are troubleshooting a compute...,
A technician just replaced a fail...,
A user s laptop computer does not...
141  cards
Practice Test 1: Exam 220-901
You are investigating computer sp...,
You have installed a printer on y...,
A user reports that his iphone wi...
90  cards
CompTIA A+ 220-901: Practice Exam
A technician needs to run a diagn...,
A technician connects a second mo...,
Which of the following types of c...
530  cards
Chapter 5: Windows Operating Systems Quiz
Which of the following is an inte...,
Which of the following are mini p...,
Which feature applies to removabl...
10  cards
Chapter 6: Other Operating Systems and Technologies Quiz
What utility is used to backup da...,
What is the fsck command used for...,
Which parameter when used with th...
10  cards
Chapter 7: Security
Which type of virus covers itself...,
What element of a virus that uniq...,
How is a worm is different from a...
10  cards
Chapter 8: Software Troubleshooting
Which operating system may experi...,
What is the proprietary crash scr...,
Which windows 7 log file is a chr...
10  cards
Chapter 9: Operational Procedures
Which if the following is the tec...,
Which if the following is not a s...,
What class of fire extinguisher i...
10  cards
Review Guide: 220-902 Practice Exam 1
According to comptia what is the ...,
Which of the following is a comma...,
Which of the following is a comma...
50  cards
CompTIA A+ 220-902: Practice Exam
A technician is instructed to con...,
A technician is troubleshooting a...,
When using microsoft windows 81 o...
353  cards
Test Out 220-902: Practice Exam
While browsing the internet a pop...,
You are an it technician for your...,
When a user rotates a mobile devi...
7  cards

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