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Lesson 1 - Chapter 1: Display Screens, Monitors, and Projectors
A stand alone display with its ow...,
What is a display adapter,
What does the display adapter use...
36  cards
Lesson 1 - Chapter 2: Monitor and Projector Connectivity
Standard monitors and connectors ...,
What does a dvi port look like
33  cards
Lesson 1 - Chapter 3: Display Adapters
You might see vram described as w...,
A video card installed on an expa...,
What is a mode
15  cards
Lesson 1 - Chapter 4: Installing and Configuring
What are 3 possible issues you ma...,
When choosing a display driver so...,
Having the latest driver updates ...
11  cards
Lesson 1 - Chapter 5: Troubleshooting Display and Projector Issues
To fix video problems quickly you...,
To simplify the troubleshooting p...,
What is a dead pixel
10  cards
Lesson 2 - Chapter 1: 3-D Graphics
What are sprites,
A true 3 d object is composed of ...,
What is transformation
10  cards
Lesson 2 - Chapter 2: Sound
Sound waves in the natural world ...,
To record sound a computer has to...,
What does sampling mean
21  cards
Lesson 2 - Chapter 3: Video
What is a container file also called,
Video clips are stored where as c...,
You can tell an audio file s form...
13  cards
Lesson 3 - Chapter 1: Network Basics
What is the local host,
What is a remote host,
What is a host
40  cards
Lesson 3 - Chapter 2: Ethernet
What is a protocol,
The standards that define everyth...,
What are ethernet flavors
33  cards
Lesson 3 - Chapter 3: Ethernet Cable
What is the most common cable typ...,
What s the most common cable in u...,
Twisted pair cabling consists of ...
45  cards
Lesson 3 - Chapter 4: Structured Cabling
The standards defined by tia eia ...,
What is the idea purpose of struc...,
An ideal structured cabling setup...
32  cards
Lesson 4 - Chapter 1: TCP/IP Basics
How many layers does the tcp ip n...,
Name the 5 layers of the tcp ip n...,
Describe the protocols of the 5 l...
22  cards
Lesson 4 - Chapter 2: Network Addressing with IPv4
What is an ip address,
What do the parts of an ip addres...,
What does ipv4 stand for
53  cards
Lesson 4 - Chapter 3: Network Addressing With IPv6
How many bits are ipv6 addresses,
Where ipv4 addresses are converte...,
An ipv4 address has 4 segments ho...
39  cards
Lesson 4 - Chapter 4: Creating and Using a LAN
What are the 7 basic steps to set...,
What 2 options do you have to ins...,
What s the first thing you should...
45  cards
Lesson 4 - Chapter 5: Troubleshooting Networks
Someone yells the network is down...,
When a windows pc is connected to...,
When a windows pc is disconnected...
57  cards
Lesson 5 - Chapter 1: Wireless Networking Basics
Nearly all wireless networks thes...,
What standard is the most common ...,
What is a shorter range technolog...
73  cards
Lesson 5 - Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring Wireless Networking
How simple are wireless and wired...,
How are waps configured,
What is a channel
31  cards
Lesson 5 - Chapter 3: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi
The first step to breaking down a...,
What are 3 questions to ask yours...,
Where do you go to troubleshoot a...
26  cards
Lesson 6 - Chapter 1: Connecting to the Internet
What is an isp,
Connecting to an isp requires 3 t...,
Where do you get your ip address ...
72  cards
Lesson 6 - Chapter 2: Configuring Web Browser Settings
You should only download and inst...,
What s one of the most commonly u...,
How do you use a hashing total
32  cards
Lesson 6 - Chapter 3: Cloud Computing
The cloud encompasses not only fi...,
What does iaas stand for,
What does iaas provide 3 things
32  cards
Lesson 7 - Chapter 1: How the Internet Works
What makes up the internet s infr...,
What do a small number of tier 1 ...,
What does nap stand for
28  cards
Lesson 7 - Chapter 2: Internet Application Protocols
What does protocol mean,
Each ____ protocol has its own ru...,
For the most part all apps of the...
86  cards
Lesson 7 - Chapter 3: Internet Troubleshooting
No connectivity has what 2 meanings,
For this scenario youre on the in...,
For this scenario youre on the in...
13  cards
Lesson 7 - Chapter 4: The Internet of Things
What is the internet of things iot,
How do you set up a smart thermostat,
How do you set up digital assista...
3  cards
Lesson 8 - Chapter 1: Physical Security
What is an access control vestibu...,
What does acv stand for what is i...,
The acv is often controlled by a ...
28  cards
Lesson 8 - Chapter 2: Workstation and Mobile Device Security
What are the 9 best practices for...,
What s a dictionary attack,
Passwords should be a minimum len...
46  cards
Lesson 9 - Chapter 1: Authentication
What is logical security,
What is the aaa model,
What are the 3 a s of the
30  cards
Lesson 9 - Chapter 2: Authorization
What is authorization,
Which happens first authorization...,
What s another name for authoriza...
41  cards
Lesson 9 - Chapter 3: Active Directory
What is a windows domain controller,
What is active directory,
Can a pc be part of a workgroup a...
48  cards
Lesson 9 - Chapter 4: Compliance and Auditing
Besides encryption how else must ...,
What is data classification,
What does using classification sc...
41  cards
Lesson 9 - Chapter 5: Data Destruction and Disposal
If you want to make sure that nob...,
What are the 4 ways you can physi...,
How do you use drilling to physic...
16  cards
Lesson 10 - Chapter 1: Malware
What is malware,
What are 4 of many types of malware,
What is a virus
66  cards
Lesson 10 - Chapter 2: Network Threats
What are attack vectors,
The comptia a exam calls attack v...,
What is a zero day attack
53  cards
Lesson 10 - Chapter 3: Social Engineering and Spam
What is social engineering,
Social engineering attacks are us...,
What is infiltration
15  cards
Lesson 10 - Chapter 4: Firewalls and Internet Appliances
What are firewalls,
What are 2 of some of the methods...,
A typical network uses 1 of which...
41  cards
Lesson 11 - Chapter 1: Mobile Computing Devices
What s the easy way to tell a 2 i...,
What os does a true mobile device...,
What is a smartphone
23  cards
Lesson 11 - Chapter 2: Mobile Operating Systems
Most mobile devices run what 3 os,
What does closed source mean,
What does proprietary or vendor s...
21  cards
Lesson 11 - Chapter 3: Mobile Ports and Accessories
What type of connector does an an...,
What is the lightning connector,
How does apple prevent widespread...
13  cards
Lesson 11 - Chapter 4: Configuring Mobile Devices
For which os are there closed sou...,
What app stores are available for...,
What app stores are available for...
27  cards
Lesson 12 - Chapter 1: Troubleshooting Mobile Devices
At what point do you turn the mob...,
It s best to start with which typ...,
How should you keep the user info...
58  cards
Lesson 12 - Chapter 2: Securing Mobile Devices
What do mdm policies combine to d...,
In what way do mobile devices hav...,
Where do you go on an apple devic...
8  cards
Lesson 12 - Chapter 3: Mobile OS and Application Security Issues
What are trusted sources,
Do modified versions of android c...,
Which os allows installing apps f...
33  cards

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