comptia a+ complete practice tests: exam 220-1002, 2nd edition

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Operating systems (1)
You want to create a backup of yo...,
You have a windows 7 professional...,
Which of the following file syste...
23  cards
Operating systems (2)
Which of the following are true s...,
What feature of windows 7 provide...,
You are at a windows 81 command p...
23  cards
Operating systems (3)
The hard drive performance on you...,
A member of your sales team wants...,
What is the name of the user inte...
23  cards
Operating systems (4)
Your windows 7 workstation has on...,
You have a windows 7 workstation ...,
You are at a windows 81 command p...
23  cards
Operating systems (5)
Which windows feature introduced ...,
You are working at a windows 7 co...,
A user reports that her windows 8...
23  cards
Operating systems (6)
You are at a windows vista comman...,
You have just installed a new win...,
You want to create a windows desk...
23  cards
Operating systems (7)
You have just installed a second ...,
Which windows user interface was ...,
You have a windows 7 workstation ...
23  cards
Operating systems (8)
What command line utility can hel...,
In linux what is the name of the ...,
A user types in her username and ...
23  cards
Operating systems (9)
You have a macbook pro and need t...,
On a linux workstation which comm...,
You are configuring your tablet c...
24  cards
Operating systems (10)
You are at a linux workstation on...,
You want to start the visual file...,
What feature in windows 10 allows...
24  cards
Operating systems (11)
You have several older applicatio...,
As a systems administrator you is...,
Which of the following scenarios ...
24  cards
Security (1)
Our network has 20 windows 10 wor...,
You have a windows 10 workstation...,
Which type of security solution g...
23  cards
Security (2)
You have been hired to implement ...,
You have a windows 7 enterprise w...,
Software was installed on a lapto...
23  cards
Security (3)
You are examining shared folders ...,
You are configuring ntfs and shar...,
Fiona is trying to access a folde...
23  cards
Security (4)
Which type of malware is designed...,
Your network has recently been hi...,
You want to grant lacrea the abil...
23  cards
Security (5)
It appears as though someone is t...,
Dianne is typing her password in ...,
You are installing a small office...
23  cards
Security (6)
A user discovers a strange text f...,
A user asks what can be done to k...,
What security solution would prot...
20  cards
Software Troubleshooting (1)
Your network has 24 windows 81 wo...,
An iphone user calls to report th...,
A windows 7 workstation will not ...
22  cards
Software Troubleshooting (2)
You are talking to a friend about...,
A workstation will not load windo...,
You are concerned about workstati...
22  cards
Software Troubleshooting (3)
A user on your network is concern...,
A user with a linux workstation r...,
Your windows 10 workstation start...
22  cards
Software Troubleshooting (4)
You have a workstation that dual ...,
An iphone user is concerned about...,
A user reports that the battery l...
22  cards
Software Troubleshooting (5)
You are educating network users a...,
Mobile device users on your netwo...,
A client has a windows 8 computer...
22  cards
Software Troubleshooting (6)
While working on a windows 81 wor...,
You have been experiencing power ...,
You just installed a new driver o...
22  cards
Operational Procedures (1)
You have a client who is looking ...,
The company has recently installe...,
You are upgrading a video card in...
23  cards
Operational Procedures (2)
You are transporting several stic...,
In the scripting language python ...,
Your company has a policy prohibi...
23  cards
Operational Procedures (3)
What regulation dictates the priv...,
You fixed a customer s laptop abo...,
Ou have taken an old crt monitor ...
23  cards
Operational Procedures (4)
What term describes strings that ...,
In what type of editor would you ...,
Which of the following commands c...
22  cards

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