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What is the worst case and best c...,
What is the best and worst case o...,
What is the best and worst case o...
17  cards
How many compares are used for se...,
How many compares to insert into ...,
How many compares does a search h...
28  cards
Binary Search Trees
What is the time for operations o...,
What is the operation for floor a...,
How does selection work in a bst
7  cards
2-3 Search Tree
At is,
How do we search a 2 3 tree
5  cards
Red-black BST'
What is a rb tree,
What are the red and black links ...,
What is left and right rotation
9  cards
Hash Map
What are the 3 requirements for a...,
Why should array size m be prime,
How do we hash integers floating ...
14  cards
Introduction to Graphs
What are the conditions for a tree,
When is a graph sparse dense,
What is the space time of kruskal...
3  cards
Undirected Graphs
What is the input format used for...,
What are the two basic requiremen...,
What are the 3 data structures we...
11  cards
Directed Graphs
What is a directed cycle and a si...,
What is the adjacency list repres...,
What is the difference between th...
17  cards
Minimum spanning trees
What are the assumptions for msts,
What is the cut property,
What is a crossing edge of a cut
12  cards
Shortest Paths
What is a shortest path,
What is a shortest path tree spt,
What are the properties of shorte...
20  cards
String Sorts
How does key index counting work,
How does lsd string sort work,
How does msd work
5  cards
Substring search
What is the brute force approach ...,
What is the alternative brute for...,
What is the worst case for brute ...
7  cards
1  cards

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