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Chapter 1 - Hands-on machine learning
How would you define machine lear...,
Can you name four types of proble...,
What is a labeled training set
19  cards
General software
What the difference between volat...,
What is a library
2  cards
Name the main pandas features,
What is matplotlib,
What is scikit learn
17  cards
General machine learning
Why do you want to lock a test se...,
What is the data snooping bias,
What is the sampling bias
55  cards
Chapter 3 - Classification
What performance measures can we ...,
What do we mean by imbalanced cla...,
What is the difference between a ...
6  cards
Chapter 4 - Training models
What is the linear regression mod...,
What is the most common performan...,
What is the closed form solution ...
46  cards
What do we mean by the population...,
What is a sample,
What is a variable
49  cards
Survey and sampling.
What are the two types of samplin...,
What are the four main types of p...,
Why would we want to use none pro...
9  cards
Support Vector Machines
What is the main idea behind supp...,
Why do we call a svm a large marg...,
What do we mean by hard margin cl...
30  cards
Decision trees
What is the approximate depth of ...,
Is a nodes gini impurity generall...,
If a decision tree is overfitting...
17  cards
Ensemble learning and random forests
If you have trained five differen...,
What is the difference between ha...,
Is it possible to speed up traini...
17  cards
Dimensionality reduction
What are the main motivations for...,
What is the curse of dimensionality,
Once a datasets dimensionality ha...
16  cards
When to use a or an,
Than versus then how to choose,
3  cards
Unsupervised Learning
How would you define clustering c...,
What are some of the main applica...,
Describe two techniques to select...
20  cards
Intro ANN
Why is it generally preferable to...,
How can you tweak a perceptron to...,
Why was the logistic activation f...
18  cards
Training deep neural net
Is it ok to initialize all the we...,
Is it ok to initialize the bias t...,
When training a dnn name three ad...
8  cards
Features: Simple numbers
What are the three aspects we nee...,
What do we mean by quantization o...,
What is the log transformation an...
13  cards
How to win friends
What are the 8 main tactics to wi...,
What are the twelve ways to win p...,
What are nine ways to change peop...
3  cards
Quiz 1
10  cards

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