cp1 actuarial practice

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Chapter 0-Introduction to Subject CP1
1 what is the actuarial control c...,
2 outline the key disadvantage an...,
3 list the processes involved in ...
10  cards
Chapter 1-Actuarial advice
1 list 16 clients in the private ...,
2 describe the public sector clie...,
3 in giving actuarial advice what...
38  cards
Chapter 2-External environment
1 state two forms of insurance th...,
2 give an example of how regulati...,
3 give an example of how regulati...
35  cards
Chapter 3-Regulation
1 in a developed economy why woul...,
2 what are the four main aims of ...,
3 in developing a regulatory regi...
28  cards
Chapter 4-Introduction to financial products and customer needs
1 list five categories of benefit...,
2 explain the idea behind means t...,
3 list the five main possible typ...
16  cards
Chapter 5-Benefits overview and providers of benefits
1 define a defined benefit scheme...,
2 which four parties are the main...,
3 in which three main ways can th...
22  cards
Chapter 6-Life insuracne products
1 describe the main feature of pu...,
2 describe the main feature of en...,
3 describe the main feature of wh...
17  cards
Chapter 7-General insurance products
1 define the term rating factor,
2 what does liability insurance i...,
3 describe the legislation that p...
27  cards
Chapter 8-Bond and money markets
1 describe the three different wa...,
2 describe the three different ty...,
3 describe the cashflows associat...
17  cards
Chapter 9-Equity and property markets
1 explain the relationship betwee...,
2 what form does the distribution...,
3 explain fully the relationship ...
14  cards
Chapter 10-Other investment classes
1 describe the purpose of collect...,
2 distinguish between closed ende...,
3 outline the regulations coverin...
27  cards
Chapter 11-Behaviour of the markets
1 explain how the risk vs return ...,
2 what is the main way the govern...,
3 what four risks do corporate bo...
41  cards
Chapter 12-Valuation of investments
1 what is the reference point for...,
2 what should be used if there is...,
3 describe the method used for th...
30  cards
Chapter 13-Relationship between returns on asset classes
1 state a general formula for the...,
2 state two assumptions underlyin...,
3 state the factors that influenc...
10  cards
Chapter 14-Choose an appropriate investment strategy
1 describe the nature of investme...,
2 discuss the use of the word ris...,
3 set out a practical definition ...
28  cards
Chapter 15-Asset liability management
1 what is a key decision for the ...,
2 discuss the main issues relatin...,
3 discuss the circumstances in wh...
39  cards
Chapter 16-Investment management
1 what are the two distinct appro...,
2 what is meant by the term activ...,
3 what is meant by the term passi...
30  cards
Chapter 17-Modelling
1 describe why the solution to ma...,
2 what is a model,
3 list three potential approaches...
28  cards
Chapter 18-Data
1 explain why the use of data is ...,
2 define personal data,
3 what is the main ethical respon...
39  cards
Chapter 19-Set assumptions
1 outline five key considerations...,
2 give four examples of where his...,
3 give three examples of where cu...
25  cards
Chapter 20-Mortality and morbidity
1 describe how a provider of fina...,
2 describe with examples the type...,
3 explain how a provider deals wi...
36  cards
Chapter 21-Expenses
1 define with examples the terms ...,
2 how do the expenses incurred by...,
3 define the terms direct expense...
13  cards
Chapter 22-Contract design
1 list seven parties involved in ...,
2 state the factors influencing t...,
3 describe the needs of the other...
39  cards
Chapter 23-Pricing and financing strategies
1 define the terms cost of benefi...,
2 give a formula for calculating ...,
3 list nine other factors that sh...
13  cards
Chapter 24-Risk governance
1 what approach do the steps of t...,
2 describe the risk identificatio...,
3 explain the purpose of the risk...
27  cards
Chapter 25-Risk identification and classification
1 explain why identifying all the...,
2 explain who from within the bus...,
3 outline four techniques that ca...
25  cards
Chapter 26-Financial product and benefit scheme risks
1 outline the main uncertainties ...,
2 outline an uncertainty that the...,
3 describe the benefit risks for ...
23  cards
Chapter 27-Accepting risk
1 describe possible risk appetite...,
2 describe with examples the capi...,
3 describe how entities with diff...
15  cards

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