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Chapter 1 Set 1
What is an auditors responsibilit...,
Us generally accepted accounting ...,
What must audit evidence be
20  cards
Chapter 1 Set 2
What events would cause an audito...,
What are examples of mitigating r...,
An auditor who is unable to form ...
20  cards
Chapter 1 Set 3
Who should auditors address their...,
If the financial statements inclu...,
When an independent cpa assists i...
20  cards
Chapter 1 Set 4
Restrictions imposed by a client ...,
If an auditor concludes that ther...,
How long is the going concern per...
20  cards
Chapter 2 Set 1
If a cpa auditor has been asked t...,
When reporting on financial state...,
Financial statements prepared in ...
20  cards
Chapter 2 Set 2
What does the word disclaim mean,
An accountant asked to review fin...,
A standard compilation report imp...
20  cards
Chapter 2 Set 3
An accountants compilation report...,
Attestation standards provide what,
Does a compilation of prospective...
8  cards
Chapter 3 Set 1
What factor would likely cause a ...,
What is generally is included in ...,
Before accepting an engagement to...
20  cards
Chapter 3 Set 2
The company being audited has an ...,
When an auditor increases the ass...,
The auditor uses the assessed lev...
20  cards
Chapter 3 Deck 3
Which of the following statements...,
What is audit risk,
Which of the following situations...
20  cards
Chapter 3 Deck 4
Which of the following types of e...,
Obtaining an understanding of an ...,
Which of the following is the bes...
19  cards
Chapter 4 Set 1
Which of the following is a true ...,
Which of the following comparison...,
An auditors analytical procedures...
20  cards
Chapter 4 Set 2
Which of the following procedures...,
An auditor traced a sample of pur...,
Which of the following internal c...
20  cards
Chapter 4 Set 3
When control risk is assessed as ...,
In establishing the existence and...,
Determining that proper amounts o...
20  cards
Chapter 4 Deck 4
Which of the following tests of d...,
An auditor most likely would anal...,
During an audit of an entitys sto...
22  cards
Chapter 4 Deck 5
If a client will not permit inqui...,
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following events mos...
8  cards
What do liquidity ratios measure,
What do activity ratios measure,
What do profitability ratios measure
28  cards
How would you test the existence ...,
An auditors purpose in reviewing ...,
Tests designed to detect credit s...
41  cards
Chapter 5 Set 1 EVILLL
What is attribute sampling,
What is variable sampling,
What are the two risks under vari...
25  cards
Chapter 5 Set 2
An auditors letter issued on sign...,
In reporting on a nonissuers inte...,
Which of the following conditions...
21  cards
Chapter 5 Set 3
How do the scope procedures and p...,
Which of the following statements...,
In an integrated audit of a nonis...
18  cards
Chapter 6 Deck 1
Under the ethical standards of th...,
The concept of materiality would ...,
What types of services must be pr...
20  cards
Chapter 6 Deck 2
According to the ethical standard...,
According to the aicpa code of pr...,
Under the code of professional co...
21  cards
Chapter 6 Deck 3
Factors affecting the nature and ...,
Which of the following documentat...,
Audit documentation should be pre...
20  cards
Chapter 6 Deck 4
Government auditing standards pub...,
An audit performed in accordance ...,
Gearty duffy certified public acc...
20  cards
Chapter 6 Deck 5
Tests of the operating effectiven...,
Government audit standards define...,
A government internal audit funct...
15  cards

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