CPS Position Statements Review Flashcards


This is an in-progress summarization (verbatim) of the CPS Position Statements to act as an open-source learning tool for Canadian Paediatric Residents. As I go through practice questions for the exam, I'm also identifying high yield Genetic Syndromes and Infectious Diseases to make a set of flashcards for those as well, independent of the CPS Statements.

Decks listed as Complete are ready to be studied. Decks listed as "making cards" are in progress Decks listed as "need review" just a quick syntax/formatting review and will be ready shortly.

Thanks for checking it out, if you have suggestions/find typos or whatever shoot me an e-mail at harrison.saulnier@mail.mcgill.ca

This project is NOT affiliated with my University of training.

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Decks in this Class (8):

  • Adolescent Group
    71 Cards
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  • Community Pediatrics
    101 Cards
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  • Hospital Pediatrics And Acute Care
    60 Cards
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  • Allergy Group
    13 Cards
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  • Nutrition And Gastroenterology Groups
    65 Cards
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  • Infectious Disease Making Cards
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  • Developmental Pediatrics
    55 Cards
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  • Newborn Nicu
    46 Cards
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